35. Goodlord

Company: Goodlord

Founder(s): Philip Mundy, Richard White & Tom Mundy

Website: https://www.goodlord.co/

Description: Helping landlords, tenants and estate agents to manage the process of renting via cloud-based software.




Goodlord is an award-winning, end-to-end lettings platform, helping to improve the process of renting for estate agents, landlords and tenants.

Through the company’s services, users can manage the whole of the pre-tenancy process simply, efficiently, and all from one place; offering secured digital signing and payments, automated offer letters, automated legislative document distribution and more.

Goodlord helps to automate many of the time-consuming admin that comes along with the rental process, helping all those involved to free up time that would’ve otherwise been spent on these tasks to use more efficiently.

Through Goodlord, users can:

  • Prequalify potential tenants.
  • Arrange Deposit Replacement Insurance.
  • Reference guarantors and tenants.
  • Take payments securely online.
  • Sign contracts securely online.
  • Set up utility switching options.
  • Offer Rent Protection and Legal Expenses Insurance to landlords.

So far, Goodlord have raised a total funding amount of $34 million over the course of 7 funding rounds. Their latest round, a Series B, was announced in March 2020, and raised $13.1 million.