36. Countingup

Company: Countingup

Founder(s): Tim Fouracre

Website: https://countingup.com/

Description: Countingup is the business current account and accounting app in one that’s helping thousands of business owners save time and money.




CountingUp is designed for those freelancing or running a small business to cut out the stressful and time-consuming aspects such as bookkeeping and tax admin.

Launched in 2017, founder Tim Fouracre had a mission: to help small business owners maximise their time so they can focus on optimising and growing their company.

Countingup is an app which allows business owners and freelancers to stay on top of their financial admin. It is a business current account with built-in accounting software. Subsequently, it simplifies bookkeeping and taxes helping people save time and money.

Its tools include live profit and loss reports, receipt capture tools, automatic expense categorisation and invoicing. It makes tax estimates viewable all year around so that business owners have no unexpected payments. Users can get quick access to invoicing & billing, real-time profit and loss and automatically categorised transactions so that they do not invest time on administrative processes.

They want to make the process of running a small business easier and act as a one-stop shop for managing finances and so far are trusted by over 34,000 UK businesses and have over 1,400 excellent ratings on Trustpilot.

Already, the app has been recognised as an award-winning accounting product and client software product of the year, not to mention one of London’s best startups to work for.

Countingup has already received Series A financial backing with a value of around £15.9M and have been backed by experienced investors, including Framework Venture Partners, Gresham House Ventures, Sage, Frontline Ventures, Forward Partners, JamJar Investments, Triplepoint and ING.