37. Toovor Ltd


Company: Toovor Ltd

Founder(s): Andreea Daly

Website: https://www.toovor.co.uk/

Description: An intuitive workflow management tool for creative agencies and creative in-house teams.




Toovor Beta was launched in September 2020 after realising there was a large gap in the market for workflow management software in the creative sector.

Toovor is an aspiring start-up with an untraditional, niche solution that brings everything to do with managing a creative project into one place, from the initial brief all the way through to delivery.
Passionate about changing and improving the way creatives projects are managed and delivered, Toovor helps creative teams spend less time faffing and more time doing what they’re amazing at – delivering great work.

A successful partnership program is in place with creative associations, agency networks and creative charitable organisations, all of whom are driving awareness and sales through to their members.

In just over a year, Toovor has become an innovative, creative hub for all those looking to improve the way they do things in the creative sector. There has been some great knowledge share, collaboration, and support from the Toovor team – all of whom are freelancers or agency owners, who know about the headaches of running a creative business.

The passion for sharing best practice and supporting freelancers, especially those embarking on their journeys, shines through. The team, the successful partnership program and the Toovor creative hub will continue to strive on, meet each other face-to-face soon and help more organisations to spend less time managing and more time being creative.