38. AppInstitute

Company: AppInstitute

Founder(s): Ian Naylor

Website: https://appinstitute.com/

Description: Helping individuals and businesses to easily create their own app via a user-friendly interface.




Known as the “WordPress for mobile apps” AppInstitute offers a SaaS platform for individuals and businesses to create their own app on. The platform helps users to create an app of their own, without needing prior technical knowledge or experience.

AppInstitute was founded in 2011, inspired to empower both businesses and individuals to create apps conveniently via in-house app development and management, all in a time and cost-effective manner.

Through AppInstitute’s platform, users can combine various app creator features helping them to create their own personalised app – all without needing to code. The platform offers up a drag and drop app builder, helping app creators to rearrange, remove and add various features simply.

Alongside this, AppInstitute enables businesses and individuals to keep users informed and further boost attendance to events by adding them in their app’s calendar, whereby users can then RSVP to events.

The platform also makes it easy for users to create m-commerce or food ordering apps via one click payments and unlimited categorised listings.

Other notable features offered by AppInstitute’s platform include:

  • Push notifications and messaging
  • Social media integration
  • GEO listings
  • Full brand control
  • Loyalty program

So far, AppInstitute have raised a total funding amount of $3.4 million over the course of 5 funding rounds – their latest, announced in December 2017, raising £500,000.