39. Qatalog

Company: Qatalog

Founder(s): Tariq Rauf

Website: https://qatalog.com/

Description: Qatalog offers a virtual workspace, helping teams work better together with a range of SaaS tools.




Founded in 2019, Qatalog is on a mission to help keep teams all on the same page with projects via its virtual workspace.

The startup aims to unify information throughout the workplace, making it easier to access and more transparent than ever before.

Through Qatalog’s workhub, users can search across the collection of tools and drives to find messages, updates and more. Users can find the documents they’re looking for in a matter of seconds, cutting down on time spend laboriously searching for missing files, and helping teams to work at a more productive, efficient pace.

Alongside its search feature, the workhub also has a whole host of other fantastic tools, including:

  • Directory – see different team’s goals, workflows and more.
  • Projects – eliminate the need for status updates, and know where everything on projects stand.
  • Goals – establish goals and give them proper visibility to keep teams motivated and help them stay on course.
  • Posts – preventing staff getting tangled up in threads, helping people to share posts on the right channels with the right people.
  • Workflows – helping to clarify the process for getting certain tasks done.

Through its range of useful tools, Qatalog’s workhub helps to streamline how teams work and collaborate with each other.

So far, Qatalog have raised a total $18.5 million in funding, over the course of 2 funding rounds. Their most recent round announced in October 2020, a Series A which raised $15 million.