40. rankingCoach


Company: rankingCoach

Founder(s): Daniel Wette, Marius Gerdan and Thomas Meierkord

Website: https://www.rankingcoach.com/en-gb

Description: rankingCoach offers an affordable, user-friendly digital marketing solution, helping small businesses to elevate search rankings, create high-performing campaigns on Google Ad and more.




Delivering tailored and affordable SaaS for micro, local and small businesses was rankingCoach’s mission before the pandemic, and has now become more important than ever before.

Thousands of businesses are searching every day for the best way to use the internet to help them survive. They need to be found on Google, to manage their online reviews and to understand the impact of local marketing on their business.

The main problem has always been their lack of resources, budget, and knowledge in the digital marketing area. Starting in 2014, rankingCoach has filled this gap with affordable and effective digital marketing products for small businesses, providing them with the technology and knowledge to create the foundations for digital transformation.

To help and support small businesses, the business launched rankingCoach FREE in 2021. It is the first free app in the SMB market that puts small businesses at the centre of their own digital marketing universe, showing SMBs everything happening online that impacts their business across social media, search engines, and online review platforms — giving small businesses the power to monitor and protect their brand, and showing them what they need to do to grow their business online.

At the heart of the app is a continuous Facebook-like stream of insights, including user and competitors online reviews, social media mentions, keyword performance, and Google Ads.

Users looking to work on additional key marketing areas such as SEO, Google Ads, and local directories have the option of upgrading to rankingCoach 360. This expanded version conducts a full marketing audit of the user’s website and creates a marketing plan featuring click-by-click video tutorials; in-depth reporting; 3-click Google Ads generation, and local directory synchronisation, automating a business’s key info in all the most important local directories in a few minutes.

rankingCoach’s award-winning software is constantly improving and has already helped more than 500,000 businesses to boost their online visibility. Beyond operating in the UK, one of the business’s main markets, rankingCoach is currently available in 31 additional countries in 13 languages worldwide, employing over 130 people from all over the world in 3 offices.

White-label digital marketing products from rankingCoach are integrated into the services of numerous well-known web hosters, CMS, telecommunications, publishing, and MarTech companies, like 123 Reg, Fasthosts, Wix, IONOS by 1&1, and Names.co.uk.

In the short term, the business will continue to significantly improve rankingCoach FREE for their customers and the quality of the SEO and Ads component — especially focusing on digital marketing automation. In the long term, rankingCoach are working on collecting all the data available online for small and medium-sized businesses (website content, advertising placements, social media posts, ratings, visibility in search engines, and much more) to give customers the ultimate data advantage, which combined with rankingCoach’s first-in-market features, will help them to protect and grow their businesses online.