41. InfoSaaS Ltd


Company: InfoSaaS Ltd

Founder(s): Peter Rossi

Website: https://www.infosaas.com/

Description: InfoSaaS provides cloud-based information security, data protection and risk management solutions.




Founded in 2014, InfoSaaS was launched to solve the problem of achieving and managing ISO27001 certification (The international standard for information security) for SME’s. Taking a process that was traditionally spreadsheet driven, human-intensive and somewhat inaccessible to SME’s, the SaaS platform challenged the status quo.

InfoSaaS has allowed its clients to much more quickly gain certification and manage the living standard as their business grows and changes; which is an expensive challenge for many growing organisations.

Since inception, InfoSaaS has grown an international client base across the UK, Central Europe, Australia and North America – with clients ranging from small tech start-ups to institutional banks and central government departments. Over this time, the platform has also evolved to help clients manage other standard in the ISO suite, plus GDPR and now their supply chain.