42. GoodCloud


Company: GoodCloud

Founder(s): Russell Marriot and Jason Ellis

Website: https://www.goodcloud.uk/

Description: GoodCloud provides SaaS enabling users to create and manage collections/libraries of their documents – including photographs, artwork, audio and videos.




Charities and social enterprises currently rely on outdated site-based digital libraries or physical storage devices to share digital assets. Most charities have poor file management with old-fashioned IT solutions with dispersed teams due to COVID, untrained, unauthorised staff and volunteers editing and deleting files. There is no inexpensive, flexible and scalable cloud file sharing solution suitable for Charities, Social Enterprises or small businesses.

GoodCloud provides a relatively inexpensive service that enables users to easily create and manage libraries of their photographs, artwork, documents, audio and video.
This software-as-a-service product has been developed by GoodCloud to be more efficient and competitive than existing services, and specially designed for ease of collaboration by users who are untrained and widely dispersed geographically.

168,000 Charities, 471,000 Social Enterprises and 5.9 million small businesses need income, but are hindered by:

  • Poor file management
  • Inconsistent campaigns across dispersed teams
  • Untrained, unauthorised staff editing files
  • Volunteer workforce makes current solutions prohibitive

Following a free trial, customers will pay by monthly subscription. There are three levels:

  • Bronze Lining – £19 per month for 250GB storage
  • Silver Lining – £29 per month for 500GB storage
  • Gold Lining – £39 per month for 750GB storage

The company expects the average customer to spend £348 per year (£29 per month). It also expects each customer to remain for at least three years as GoodCloud upgrades the user functionality and experience

Swivle is a direct competitor, whose brand is established. Unlike most competitors, it is clear, concise & easy to start to use. Its pricing, however, is very high £298 to £829 per month.

GoodCloud has a competitive edge in terms of better functionality & lower cost. A competitor such as Dropbox is free at the entry level but is difficult to use, is expensive with multiple users, has fewer functions and is error-prone. Solutions aimed at larger enterprises are significantly more expensive.

GoodCloud also has a major competitive advantage in marketing terms due to its founders decades-long experience in their primary target market