43. Glow

Company: Glow

Founder(s): Phil Storey

Website: https://getglow.io/

Description: Glow is a user-friendly website maintenance app.




Establishing a business that fills a gap in the market and provides a solution to a target market’s pain points is a major achievement, and to do so amid a global pandemic is what makes Leeds tech entrepreneur Phil Storey a rising star in today’s crowded digital scene.

In May 2020, without any outside funding, Phil successfully brought to market Glow, a pioneering website maintenance app designed to highlight the importance of website maintenance and power digital growth. Incorporating all aspects of website support and upkeep for WordPress websites, Glow 1.0 streamlines the processes involved with website maintenance – a vital element of website functionality that is often overlooked.

The innovative technology was one of only a handful of website maintenance apps available globally and the first of its kind in the UK to offer a built-in support ticket system, mini-CRM functionality, and a profit tracker for agencies.

After a tough exit from a business partnership in 2019 Phil wanted to create something new and exciting to bring to the thriving digital economy that would open up opportunities for others in the creative industry – opportunities to grow, increase profit and enhance the return on investment from websites.

Having worked closely with marketing agencies and SMEs since his mid-20s, Phil recognised that website maintenance is something that, from an agency’s perspective, is often lacking in process and profitability and from an SME’s perspective, misunderstood in terms of importance.

Just nine months after launching, Phil and the Glow team have already begun developing the next version of Glow; Glow 2.0 – a revolutionary web app designed to help website developers and digital agencies manage multiple WordPress websites from one dashboard.

From an agency’s perspective, when they have 10, 20 or 50+ client websites to look after, it can get very time consuming without the right software to help them. Whilst many agencies are experts in building websites, they often lack the systems and processes required to provide ongoing management of those websites, at scale.

Remembering website login information, carrying out security updates, making changes that clients ask for, ensuring important elements are running as they should do – and much more – these tasks, although some only take a few minutes, when multiplied across dozens of websites, take time to complete.

Glow 2.0, a Saas model, will provide agencies with one location to manage their clients’ websites. They can perform important updates in bulk, schedule regular monitoring operations, attend to client queries and support requests, as well as generate reports and display other data to prove the value of the service to their clients.

Glow provides the greatest levels of personalisation in the market, allowing agencies to tailor it precisely to their website maintenance offering. Glow will ‘learn’ about the agency’s internal operations, reminding them of tasks to complete in line with their service level agreements (SLAs) and provide business critical information such as client profitability, average response times and monthly recurring revenue.