44. MyActiv Ltd


Company: MyActiv Ltd

Founder(s): Julian Russell, David Morgan and Mike Dowd.

Description: MyActiv provide businesses with software that helps them more effectively manage ISO certification and compliance.

Website: https://www.myactiv.co.uk/




Since 2000 MyActiv Ltd have been helping organisations achieve certification to international management system standards (ISO standards).

Through MyActiv Ltd’s work, the business recognised the need for practical software tools that would manage information in ways that enabled any organisation to easily satisfy the requirements of these standards. From this was developed Activ, a modular ISO Compliance SaaS product that supports the implementation of a range of processes required to achieve compliance with a variety of ISO standards.

Today Activ is used by thousands of organisations to manage a range of core processes in an ISO compliant way such as document control, auditing, legal compliance, supplier management and competency management. Following its acquisition by Private Equity backed Amtivo Group in 2019, customer take-up has accelerated by a factor of three and helped fast-track the ISO certification process for an even wider range of businesses.

The key to MyActiv Ltd’s success is their highly qualified and experienced team of legal and ISO standard experts plus the business’s passion for product innovation and providing first-class customer support.