45. Daybridge

Company: Daybridge

Founder(s): Kieran McHugh

Website: https://daybridge.com/

Description: Daybridge is a calendar built for people, not companies.




Daybridge is a time management app with a difference. Created by Kieran McHugh, a former engineer at Monzo, the app is tailored for personal calendars rather than a calendar dictated by work. Founded in 2020, the company has already made waves in the SaSS world.

McHugh launched Daybridge originally as a side project whilst running the open banking team at Monzo. His aim was for Daybridge to act as a digital assistant, helping people to better manage their time, make plans for the future and make their to-do lists more easy to digest.

The project was born out of a personal frustration with McHugh failing to find an app that suitably met his organisation needs. He wanted Daybridge to act as a source of truth reflecting ow much time was actually being spent on particular tasks.

After 6 months of product development and producing his MVP, he shared his landing page in June 2020 and was et with an overwhelming response, encouraging his decision to make this his full-time project.

Daybridge aims to be flexible and user-friendly letting you structure your day how you choose, combining different tasks and events. Offering a more personal approach, the app is designed so that you do not waste precious time filling up your calendar. By getting to know you, it hopes to optimise your calendar for you and save you time.

With many different smart tools at your fingertips, you can plan your time efficiently, allowing you to plan ahead, look back, and get a clear picture of  the present.

Daybridge has already raised £750,000 seed round led by Passion Capital and the app is currently carrying out beta testing.