46. Imprima


Company: Imprima

Founder(s): Gary McKeown (CEO)

Website: https://www.imprima.com/

Description: Imprima is a SaaS Due Diligence Technology Provider.




Imprima launched the 1st European Virtual Data Room (VDR) in 2001 to simplify the M&A and other transactions, such as Real-Estate sales, IPO’s, Restructuring, etc. As such, the company are a pioneer of the industry.

Today, Imprima is on a mission to create a new SaaS category – AI-powered due diligence technology aka DDTech.

As a pioneer in VDR technology, Imprima helped many of the world’s leading organisations to successfully execute global deals worth over a combined $1 trillion. Imprima’s goal has always been to simplify the M&A, real estate, and IPO transactions to make sure its clients focus on the deal, not the technology.

In 2017, Imprima took that a level higher, launching a research program focused on applying AI, and in particular machine learning, to Due Diligence (DD). Imprima wanted to take the complex, time-consuming processes they’d spent so long understanding and simplify them for clients.

Imprima strives to tackle the complexities of due diligence, reduce the time it takes to complete the deal and, at the same time, minimise the risks involved. This is achieved through automating due diligence processes: in the early days with the help of Virtual Data Room Q&A and Reporting tools, and now by developing its AI-powered due diligence software.

As of 2021, Imprima Due Diligence Platform offers these AI-powered due diligence tools:

  • Smart Index – automatically categorises documents and structures them into a VDR index.
  • Smart Review – finds the documents needed to review during DD, and identifies red flags in contracts.
  • Smart Summaries – extracts accurate summaries of the key information from any type of legal documentation.
  • Smart Redaction – redacts confidential information within a data room.
  • Imprima VDR – the most secure and easy to use data room on the market.

These powerful tools can be used on their own or in any combination that suits a particular business transaction. They save up to 95% of the time spent on preparing for the transaction or conducting due diligence, while drastically reducing the error rate.

The best part is that Imprima’s AI works in any language or jurisdiction. It learns from the user’s behaviour and develops over time. This way the user gets a custom-made AI due diligence assistant trained on the user’s data and processes.

Through this evolution from the European VDR pioneer to the all-in-one due diligence technology provider, Imprima developed a unique AI-powered platform that accelerates Data Room Preparation, Vendor, and Buyer Due Diligence.

By automating processes such as structuring VDRs, and the manual and very repetitive document review process, Imprima’s technology relieves legal and financial professionals from mundane, tedious, and labour-intensive work. It allows dealmakers, real estate advisors, and lawyers to concentrate on where they can really add value.