47. WellBuddy


Company: WellBuddy

Founder(s): Marouf Khan

Website: https://www.wellbuddy.co/

Description: WellBuddy is a digital wellbeing tool, helping users to find free time in their schedule to dedicate to mental and physical wellbeing.




WellBuddy was founded in December 2020 in response to a simple problem. Workplace health issues are on the rise. Existing employee wellbeing programmes are not effective. They are difficult to access for employees, too time-consuming and do not address individual needs. This makes it difficult for employers to provide appropriate support.

In a short period, WellBuddy developed, trialled and soft launched an easy-to-use and effective software that works.

WellBuddy launched on a modest bootstrap budget, starting out during a global pandemic, in a period of economic uncertainty. The startup are excited that despite lacking initial brand credibility they have got in front of dozens of businesses, and are creating a buzz about their product. WellBuddy had over 100% increase in downloads from last month.

WellBuddy’s digital tool enables employees to think, feel and perform better. Real-time data is accessible to HR teams, so they can quickly and effectively address concerns and fully digitalise administration.

The startup’s software uniquely integrates with user calendars to intuitively find free time for employees to focus on their physical and mental health at work. The algorithm learns working hours and responds to preferences to make tailored suggestions.

With remote working here to stay, it’s a priority for companies to monitor and support employees at a distance. Successful programmes that improve employee wellness can achieve a 50% reduction in employee health-related costs.

Immediately after launching, WellBuddy secured two agreements with a leading software enterprise and a law firm. The startup’s next priorities are to conduct a clinical study to reaffirm the impact of their software (demonstrated in trials), launch exciting new features and algorithm developments and continue to grow their team.