Company: ITARMI

Founder(s): Brett and Jenni Riley

Website: https://www.itarmi.com/

Description: ITARMI is an IT service provider, helping businesses to connect with top-class technical talent.




ITARMI is a UK start-up founded four years ago by husband and wife team Brett and Jenni Riley. Their mission is to revolutionise the way that IT services are delivered to businesses by connecting them directly to technical talent through an effortlessly fast mobile journey.

Brett and Jenni believe that technology should be used to liberate people, which is why the ITARMI app is designed to empower the modern workforce to always be in control of and be fairly remunerated for their work, whilst giving businesses on-demand access to top-class IT engineers at the touch of a button.

ITARMI now has a community of over 1300 talented engineers working across 135 countries, delivering services for some of the largest organisations in the world. By working with ITARMI, these engineers have the opportunity to engage in diverse and rewarding assignments, progress their careers through additional training, and be part of a global community of like-minded IT professionals.

Earlier this year, ITARMI was accepted onto the ServiceNow Technology Partner Programme with their app now available on the ServiceNow store, giving over 6,200 enterprise customers – including 80% of the Fortune 500 – access to ITARMI’s on-demand engineering services.

In addition, ITARMI has recently been featured in publications including Forbes and CRN, as well as being selected by EM360 as their top organisation connecting businesses to tech talent.

But the success has not come without its challenges. Brett and Jenni admit to having had a rocky journey to get to where they are today, with obstacles such as bankrupt suppliers, unethical recruiters and a global pandemic to navigate their way through, however their tenacity and faith in their vision is what pushed them forward.

Their long-term plans for ITARMI involve opening new offices around the world, whilst in the short-term they are striving to continually adapt and improve their service to meet their clients’ changing needs.

“Customers are now looking for companies that can reimagine, reform and perform in ‘the new normal’, and the key to this is expedited digital transformation.”

“ITARMI’s platform-based business model has no doubt been pivotal in allowing us to continue to grow over the past year. There will definitely be an increase in demand for remote IT services and we will continue to scale and grow to reflect this.”