49. Metro Retro (Deqo Software Ltd)


Company: Metro Retro

Founder(s): Jamie Hanratty and Stephen Whitfield

Website: https://metroretro.io/

Description: Metro Retro is a collaborative web application made for running agile retrospectives and workshops online.




Metro Retro’s real-time ‘in the room’ technology with the intuitive canvas provides an experience similar to in-person workshops, and in some cases a better experience. Metro Retro is self-funded, built by two founders and is currently launching a premium version following growth of the free version through the pandemic.

Launched in 2019, Metro Retro grew steadily until the COVID-19 pandemic caused the explosion of interest in remote working. In March 2020, signups grew by 900%, and the year-to-date has seen 250k new registered users and 100k meetings run. Growth has been entirely organic, spread through word of mouth.

Retrospectives and workshops are a key part of the agile software development process. Metro Retro’s uniquely playful and intuitive approach to visual interaction spurs people to participate, ultimately maximising a team’s productivity.

Metro Retro aims to be the visual collaboration platform for businesses adapting to the ‘new normal’ of remote and hybrid working practices.