53. LoopMe

Company: LoopMe

Founder(s): Stephen Upstone

Website: https://loopme.com

Description: Leveraging AI to optimise media delivery in real-time, to optimise advertising campaigns both online and offline, achieving better results from campaigns.


LoopMe are an award-winning SaaS platform that are all about ‘closing the loop’ when it comes to brand advertising, something all companies and brands struggle with at some point in their journey. LoopMe uses AI, attribution and analytics to help improve, optimise and uplift outcomes for brands.

Having raised over $32m in funding, and using clever programmatic delivery, LoopMe brings a whole range of useful and important brand data like GPS location data and data from third party partnerships together to form a better picture of the effectiveness of brand campaigns.

Founded in 2012, LoopMe helps both brands themselves as well as the agencies serving them and monitoring their brand campaigns. The ultimate goal of LoopMe is to close the loop which exists when it comes to the connection between consumers, brands, companies and all relevant parties for a successful brand campaign. Optimised by artificial intelligence, LoopMe have a wide range of solutions for brands, companies and agencies.