54. Fresha


Company: Fresha

Founder(s): Nick Miller & William Zeqiri

Website: https://www.fresha.com

Description: A SaaS-enabled marketplace for wellness and beauty businesses, Fresha helps businesses manage bookings and the running of businesses in the wellness and beauty space.



Available in over 120 countries, Fresha helps wellness and beauty business owners take the hassle out of running their businesses by taking care of everything from HR to appointment bookings, inventories, financial reporting and much more. Fresha empowers business owners to focus on the running and growing of their businesses, rather than the day-to-day operational tasks which Fresha conveniently automates.

Fresha also allows for very easy integrations with social media platforms, favoured by the health, beauty and wellness industries such as Facebook, Instagram and Google platforms. To date, Fresha have raised more than $40m in investment from a range of investors.