56. Xactly

Company: Xactly

Founder: Chris Cabrera

Website: https://www.xactlycorp.com/

About Xactly


Stay Competitive in the Face of Industry Challenges with Data-driven Sales Performance Management
In today’s competitive world, spreadsheets and legacy compensation management systems simply don’t cut it. Discover what to look for in an enterprise SPM solution. Trained with 18+ years of pay and performance data, AI Copilot is an AI engine designed to boost productivity and streamline workflows across the revenue lifecycle.

Xactly Forecasting® enables deeper pipeline insights, empowering sales and finance to more accurately predict and improve performance:

  • Utilise AI-augmented forecasting to make more accurate predictions based on things like days left in the period, sentiment analysis and your company-specific sales process
  • Monitor pipeline health with the ability to drill deeper into deal movement
  • Predict commission exposure by combining the power of Xactly Incent® and Xactly Forecasting
  • Promote effective sales execution with opportunity milestones, and move deals forward with actionable alerts

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