57. Metail

Company: Metail

Founder(s): Tom Adeyoola

Website: https://metail.com/

Description: Metail’s technology helps online shoppers to get a more accurate idea of how clothes will fit them, via a clothing dummy.




Founded in Cambridge, England, Metail are on a mission to bring sustainability and positive change to the clothing industry.

Online clothes shopping can be convenient, and in today’s pandemic-stricken world a necessity – however, one issue many online shoppers struggle with is finding clothes that fit without trying them on first.

This is an issue not only for consumers, ordering clothes they can’t actually wear, but also for retailers having to manage returns on mis-fitting clothes.

That’s where Metail’s technology can help – enabling users to create clothing dummies (otherwise known as “MeModels”) when browsing on clothes shops’ sites. This clothing dummy is fitted to the consumers measurements, and can be dressed in potential purchases to help them get a more accurate idea of how certain clothes might fit.

By getting a better idea of how certain items will fit, customers can make better purchasing decisions, only opting for clothing that fits the way they want it to on Metail’s personalised MeModels.

Hundreds of thousands of customers are claimed to have used Metail’s technology, meaning the SaaS could currently hold some valuable customer data – useful for enhancing supply chain and inventory efficiency and more.

So far, Metail have raised a total funding amount of $32.4 million over the course of 6 funding rounds – their latest announced in July 2017, a Series B that raised £10 million.