58. TripTease

Company: TripTease

Founder(s):  Charlie Osmond

Website: https://triptease.com/

Description: Triptease is a SaaS startup building software for the hotel industry



TripTease is a SaaS designed for the hotel industry. It aims to increase hotel’s direct bookings and allows them to get bookings at a lower costs. Harnessing data, the software enables automated targeting and personalised experiences at all stages of the booking journey.

Their mission is to empower hotels to take control of their bookings and increase their direct revenue. By helping them identify their target market and most valuable guests, they work across the customer journey (from acquisition to conversion) to encourage clients to book directly with the hotel.

Using a specialised algorithm, the software enables you to target and capture demand with an intelligent meta bidding system. This way, you can automatically attract the most engaged searchers and increase the possibility of closing leads.

They help companies “supercharge” their marketing strategies. With personalisation technology, they are able to target particular market segments with specific offers and information to make them more likely to book.

TripTease aim to stay ahead of the market curve ensuring that they have the latest technology and constantly improving performance and user experience.

They have made sure that they are integrated with every global major booking engine meaning it has never been easier for hotels to integrate their booking software and start increasing their direct bookings

Since its beginnings, the company has become one of the leading SaaS companies working with high-profile clients including hotels worth £12K.

They boast an impressive series of funding including raising around $24M in venture funding.

During the pandemic period, they aim to support their clients more than ever and maximise revenue from direct bookings at a minimum cost.

Their offices are based in London, New York, Barcelona and Singapore.