6. TechnologyOne

Company: TechnologyOne

CEO: Ed Chung

Website: https://www.technologyonecorp.co.uk/

About TechnologyOne


TechnologyOne has launched a bold initiative to make technology cost blow-outs a thing of the past. SaaS+ is a first-of-its-kind, all-inclusive offering in which TechnologyOne takes responsibility for delivering the complete ERP solution, not just the software, all for a single annual fee. The world-leading London Business School is one of 15 customers on board.

TechnologyOne is a global Software as a Service (SaaS) company providing local government and higher education powerful, deeply integrated enterprise software that is incredibly easy to use.

SaaS+ is designed to help solve the three greatest impediments to investing in digital transformation: time-to-value, cost, and complexity. It provides customers with a one-stop-shop, reducing much of the complexity, duplication and risk traditionally involved in technology projects.

With SaaS+, TechnologyOne is the only vendor able to not only deliver and enable SaaS but also deliver the implementation for customers under a single yearly fee, reducing risk and time to value for customers.

“SaaS+ will change the ERP industry, delivering on the long-time promise of SaaS technology and making enterprise transformations truly a service for the first time,” said Ed Chung, TechnologyOne’s Chief Executive Officer. “It’s a truly transformative solution designed with customers, not consultants, in mind.”

As part of the offering, TechnologyOne takes responsibility for delivering the complete experience. It provides organisations with an all-inclusive bundle with no upfront costs, one annual fee, faster implementation and – a world first – a guaranteed outcome.

“When SaaS was first introduced a decade ago it was transformative. It completely changed the way companies developed and thought about software and it started a race around the world in companies like ours to create incredible innovations for customers,” Mr Chung said.

“But when it comes to SaaS implementations, unfortunately, our industry continues to be burdened by a model in which organisations must often bring in implementation partners and other third-party consultants to deliver these innovations, an impost that can add up to seven times the cost of the software, not to mention project delays,” he said.

“We’re changing the game. No other tech company can deliver what we do, SaaS+ turns the entire solution into a service. It dramatically improves time to value for our customers. Thanks to automation and our decades’ worth of IP in each industry, 80 per cent of the solution is usable on day 1, so implementations that would have taken six to nine months are done in as low as 16 weeks, helping our customers not only get back to business-as-usual faster, but also get value from our solution faster.”

“Our purpose is to transform business by simplifying technology for our customers. One of the core beliefs on which the company was founded 36 years ago is you can do that better when you have a direct relationship with the customer. SaaS+ is a natural extension of that proven idea,” Mr Chung said.

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