7. Duel

Company: Duel

Founder: Paul Archer

Website: https://www.duel.tech/

About Duel


Founded by world-record-breaking adventurer and former brand ambassador Paul Archer, Duel is a SaaS company that provides both the methodology and technology to help Fashion and Beauty brands drive organic growth through brand advocacy, the act of supporting and recommending a brand.

Fashion and Beauty brands today are typically experiencing skyrocketing customer acquisition costs and diminishing returns on expensive paid social and other advertising strategies, with traditional influencer campaigns not producing the desired results (according to data from YouGov, 96 percent of UK adults do not trust these influencers).

This is because consumers are increasingly looking for real content, created by real people who they can relate to and trust to make better, more informed buying decisions. This means brands are looking for ways to turn their own customer base into a sales channel capable of promoting the brand to their own networks.

Launched in 2020, Duel provides the technology that helps brands do this, scaling reach and revenue through brand advocacy. It helps companies build communities of advocates (happy customers, employees, partners, industry professionals etc.) who trust their brand and promote it to their friends, family and peers – thereby accelerating true, authentic, organic growth.

While brand advocates have always existed under different guises – superfans, ambassadors, enthusiasts and evangelists – the concept of developing a strategy for building communities of them and then nurturing relationships with them to drive growth is a new one. And Duel is leading the charge.

Duel counts the likes of Monica Vinader, Charlotte Tilbury, ELEMIS, Mint Velvet, Rab, LK Bennett and Hush and among its customer base.

Mads Jensen, managing partner at SuperSeed: “Duel’s technology is a game changer, as it helps brands reduce their reliance on ineffective advertising strategies and instead use their own communities to grow. We believe this company has the potential to become one of the most important SaaS companies to emerge from the UK in years.”

Gabriela Vinader, Managing Director, Monica Vinader Jewellery: “The Duel team understood our challenges from the get go. Their technology has enabled us to move away from an expensive advertising-led strategy to one that lets our own loyal and socially active customer base drive long term organic, word of mouth growth. The platform lets us scale in a way we never thought possible.”

Sîan Louise-Pilkington, Senior Marketing Manager, Mint Velvet: “Duel has been a game changer. It’s reduced our reliance on advertising and influencer strategies that were expensive and ineffective. This has turned our own customers into an army of content creators – capable of driving customer acquisition and organic growth.”

Hannah Sheahan, Head of Social at ELEMIS: “We knew we had a loyal customer base who were passionate about the brand, we just needed help turning this passion into a customer acquisition strategy.

“Duel did just that – the platform incentivises our most socially active customers to share their own content with their own followers, promoting the brand and our values in the process. It really helps us stand out from our competition as we’ve created a community that people really want to be part of.”

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