60. Briefly


Company: Briefly

Founder(s): Jonathan Williams

Website: https://www.briefly.app/

Description: An effective PR tool helping SMEs gain press coverage.




Briefly was founded in 2019 and launched in spring 2020 with the goal of providing SME’s and startups with affordable PR services.

Briefly is the first SaaS based PR tool aimed at this level of business, and makes use of AI and automation in press release distribution and the power of journalists in creating highly effective and well written press releases.

Briefly is a tech first company that does away with selling time in the way agencies do or selling access to databases in the way many of its online competitors do. Instead, Briefly focuses on selling automated services and deliverables in the form of professionally written press releases written by industry specific journalists, automated and AI driven distribution, a growing range of PR services and accessible analytics and data. Who better to write your press release than one of the journalists who’s going to be receiving it and they see it as an ‘Uber for journalists’ to carry out a little extra work.

In 2021 Briefly is focusing on further automating more PR services including developing an advertising platform offering affordable advert placements to its growing list of users, and will be completing a £250k seed funding round.