61. Wildgoose

Company: Wildgoose

Founder(s): Jonny Edser

Website: https://wearewildgoose.com/

Description: Wildgoose aims to bring people together through tech to share experiences that are fun, purposeful and make work and life more memorable.




Wildgoose was launched in 2003 in the UK by founder Jonny Edser and since then has developed into a multinational market leader of employee engagement and team activities through immersive technology.

The service operates as a booking platform focused towards the team building market. They provide interactive activities which are accessible and affordable, aiming to offer out-of-the-box event solutions in terms of customer service, technology, content, and event design.

Although they have grown to be an award-winning, global company, they aim to keep their “small business roots” and “unique family orientated culture” despite their size. With one of their key values being an engaging and fun workplace, they work to translate this to their clients through their events. Currently they have 2 offices (London and New York) with over 35 employees.

In just one year (2018), they were able to deliver 4,800 events across 23 countries with everything from small smartphone self-run activities to large-scale events for 1000 guests. It is not enough to host a good event – they want their clients to be “blown away”.

Building on the concept of a traditional treasure hunt, they use innovative technology and content to inspire their events. They host immersive, interactive and unforgettable team events in cities all over the world boasting big brands such as Vans and Amazon as some of their former clients.

With the global pandemic, they took the opportunity to offer some of the most memorable virtual events including virtual away days, escape rooms, murder mysteries and quizzes.