65. Claro Money

Company: Claro Money

Founder(s): Rob Brockington

Website: https://claromoney.co.uk/

Description: Claro Money is a personal financial coach and community that empowers you to make smarter decisions about your money




Founded in 2020, Claro Money is a relatively new player in the financial planning world. They aim to empower people to take control of their finances, savings and investments. They describe themselves as a “start-up wealth management platform”. As part of their service, their mission is to create anew generation of investors – ones who are both more ethically and financially informed than the generation before them.

Rather than the “get rich quick” approach, their journey is a lot more well-thought out. They provide the resources for even non-investors to take smart decisions with their finances so that they can have a personalised journey of financial empowerment and planning.

Whatever your specific financial goals, Claro Money helps you strategise and plan accordingly. They believe that this helps not just at an individual level but also on a global level. If there is a generation of smarter and more ethically-minded financial decisions, they believe that there will be a positive global impact.

Based in London, Claro Money’s small team is made up of a range of backgrounds including experience working with some of the world’s biggest tech giants and banking companies. From their experience, they want to build a more personalised approach and “democratise investment”. By making finances more accessible, they want to help people make their money go further.

So far, Claro Money has raised a total funding amount of $1.3 Million in private funding and is in the seed stage.