66. Packhelp

Company: Packhelp

Founder(s): Arkadiusz Wasilonek, Konrad Kwiatkowski, Maciej Woźniczko, Maciej Zając, Patryk Kabaj & Wojtek Sadowski

Website: https://packhelp.co.uk/

Description: Packhelp is an online marketplace for custom branded packaging.




Founded in 2015 and headquartered in Poland’s Capital, Warsaw, Packhelp is an online platform for creating and ordering custom-branded packaging. The packing manufacturer enables clients the possibility of designing bespoke boxes through an online web platform.

Packhelp provides packaging solutions for retailers, agencies, enterprises and e-commerce brands. Their customer portfolio boasts over 25,000 customers, 30 markets and more than 22,263 brands across Europe.

They help a range of clients across small and medium businesses ranging from as little as 30 pieces per order. The tool is free-to-use and is designed to be as user-friendly as possible so that clients can easily and seamlessly design packaging. Their range of packaging products encompasses biodegradable mailers, kraft tapes and mailer boxes, amongst other products.

Packhelp can also assist with more complex packaging needs such as for enterprise and wholesale orders, either by designing a brand new product or improving current solutions.

Their specialist services include

  • Optimizing entire packaging supply chain – from value engineering to quality assurance
  • Packaging production, with long-term dedication and split payments
  • Packaging prototyping & visualising
  • Packaging engineering

As a company, they are committed to sustainability and helping to offer more sustainable packaging solutions. Shifting away from plastic packaging, Packhelp aims to offer alternative and eco-friendly solutions.

The most recent funding series was Series A valued at $12.7M.