66. CloudBlue

Company: CloudBlue

President: Uddhav Gupta

Website: https://www.cloudblue.com

About CloudBlue


CloudBlue has been enabling businesses to build their own digital ecosystems since 2015. It is a SaaS company serving over 180 companies globally, powering large cloud B2B marketplaces, representing 30 million cloud subscriptions, and helps businesses transform themselves, whatever their position in the supply chain. CloudBlue has grown into a global cloud solutions provider with a presence in a number of countries within Europe.

CloudBlue’s monetisation platform takes the complexity out of distributing subscription-based solutions and is built for forward-looking companies that want to reinvent the way they do business, freeing their customers from the limitations of ownership and offering them flexibility and scalability. Businesses are facing challenges now with transitioning to the cloud and having to manage multiple subscriptions, however CloudBlue can support companies and help them manage this in one place.

CloudBlue continues to push the boundaries of innovation, developing new features and improvements to the cloud monetization platform to deliver a seamless channel experience for technology vendors and service providers. With its platform, organisations can easily launch a digital marketplace and take advantage of strong partner relationships, along with benefiting from CloudBlue’s deep industry expertise. Order fulfilment, billing, API-driven procurement and subscription management can be managed from a single platform that can automatically adjust for multi-language or multi-channel sales. Ultimately, CloudBlue’s platform can save companies both time and resources, empowering businesses to concentrate on core business functions.’

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