31. Patchworks

Company: Patchworks

Founder: David Wiltshire

Website: https://www.wearepatchworks.com

Description: Patchworks, the leading ecommerce integration provider, was founded in 2014 as the first cloud middleware for integration globally.



About Patchworks

Patchworks, the leading ecommerce integration provider, was founded in 2014 as the first cloud middleware for integration globally. Patchworks’ powerful, flexible, scalable and easy-to-use integration platform as a service (iPaaS) builds seamless, reliable data connections between core business systems and software. The company builds success for its retail customers through delivering first class digital experiences through the highest peaks of online retail activity.

It’s critical for retailers to integrate complex tech stacks quickly and efficiently, and use their data to make intelligent business critical decisions. While online sales continue to soar, customer expectation is spiralling. It’s no longer enough to simply be an iPaaS, connecting A to B or ERP to WMS.

With the Patchworks Platform, brands build complex and seamless journeys, connecting key ecommerce systems, including storefronts such as Shopify and BigCommerce, warehouses, ERP and finance, and marketing software globally. It takes control of all the data, manipulating it and allowing triggers for actions to be built based on this data.

This empowers brands to transcend from eCommerce to iCommerce, using data intelligently between all businesses functions to drive revenue and growth – not just connecting it. They can simplify tech stack integration while accessing the broadest range of systems they can integrate, as well as picking the ideal partner for their needs.

Patchworks has expanded exponentially year on year, led by founder and CEO, David Wiltshire, an ecommerce and data entrepreneur. With various rounds of investments (totalling £4.8m to date), 2021 was its most successful commercial year yet, with Gresham House Ventures’ £3.3m investment and a 53 percent increase in staff bringing the current headcount to 98. Patchworks increased clients by 51 percent and doubled recurring revenue, with approximately £1.5 billion worth of orders processed between July 2021 and June 2022. Key hires included Eduardo Silva, Chief Revenue Officer, Conor Barr, Chief Product Officer, and James Pennington, CFO.

Patchworks serves over 200 dynamic ecommerce customers, including Huel, Gymshark, Lounge Underwear, Castore, Cox & Cox, and Simba Sleep.A fully remote business, Patchworks’ team of technology experts are based all over the world and the business is dedicated to promoting a flexible and inclusive work culture.

Patchworks recently launched its new low code/no code integration platform, empowering retailers to take advantage of easy-to-use self-service integration management features. Patchworks also launched its Stockr ‘live service’ product that allows stock to be drawn centrally for several different stores avoiding the common problems of both overselling and underselling. The new Patchworks BI product enables customers to make real-time data led decisions using all of their available data.
Patchworks plans to utilise its latest investment to continue European expansion, to continue building innovative and powerful products and to expand its headless offering by becoming a MACH enabler. This best-of-breed and composable ecommerce approach will offer clients a wider, more personalised selection of software and apps to integrate. Patchworks also plans to further expand its self-serve integration platform, providing companies with even more low-code/no-code integrations to quickly connect to their business.




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