32. Vaayu

Company: Vaayu

Founders: Namrata Sandhu and Luca Schmid

Website: https://www.vaayu.tech/

Description: Vaayu is the world’s first automated carbon software built to empower retailers to measure and reduce their carbon emissions in real-time.


vaayu logo


About Vaayu

Vaayu is the world’s first automated carbon software built to empower retailers to measure and reduce their carbon emissions in real-time, to help retailers reduce 1 gigaton of carbon emissions by 2030. It does this by leveraging proprietary AI and machine learning technology to draw insights from production, sales and logistics data to help locate carbon hotspots – providing retailers with unparalleled actionable insights that allows them to lower emissions and drive impact at scale.

By connecting to shop platforms via their point-of-sale systems, Vaayu accurately calculates the carbon footprint of all daily transactions. By providing retailers with granular data on their operations, recommendations on the best course of action and peer-to-peer benchmarking capabilities, Vaayu is helping the industry to reduce its carbon footprint.

Before Vaayu, calculating carbon footprint was laborious and expensive for retailers. Today, Vaayu has made that process accessible and affordable to retailers of all sizes and budgets. Vaayu’s carbon modelling engine is designed specifically for retailers, making easy-to-use data available in real-time – meaning they can cut their carbon emissions in parallel to their business operations. This could be anything from changing packaging to opting for a more environmentally-friendly last-mile delivery option.

Vaayu is the brainchild of Namrata Sandhu and Luca Schmid. Since its inception during the height of the pandemic, Vaayu has helped with more than 50 global brands measure, monitor and reduce their carbon footprint including Klarna, Ace & Tate, Stripe, Astrid & Miyu, Armed Angels, Organic Basics and Missoma. It also created a first-of-its-kind product footprinting technology designed specifically for retailers.

Vaayu successfully secured a strategic partnership with WTC in 2021, empowering the leading global eCommerce consultancy to create a global Sustainable Commerce Practice. Through this Practice, Vaayu is driving conscious and responsible consumption across digital commerce channels by using Vaayu’s proprietary database to accurately calculate the carbon footprint of daily transactions. In April 2022, global life sciences enterprise Bayer was the first to onboard Wunderman Thompson’s Sustainable Commerce Practice. By connecting to Bayer’s point-of-sale system, Vaayu can accurately calculate the carbon footprint of daily transactions using its proprietary database, allowing Bayer to automate its carbon transactions across three key areas of commerce – product, packaging and delivery.




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