How To Start A Mobile Game Development Company

Mobile gaming is a huge market for possible revenue. There are number of success stories like Angry Birds, Flappy Bird, Candy Crush, Clash of Clans etc. They have inspired millions to take an initiative in mobile game development. If you have an idea for a mobile game or know someone else who does and you’re ready to start your mobile game company and get in on those profits, here’s what you need to know.

Genre selection

To begin the process of starting a game development company, you must figure out your gaming genre. You can’t just experiment based on ideas that come from others. It’s about you putting in a lot of effort, teamwork, and money into this. So, you better come forward with the positive decisions and one of those decisions is finding the gaming genre. It’s not okay from a business point of view to jump to several genres. You can’t just develop a racing game then suddenly go for a casino games. The companies which get to establish the big games often start off with the smaller games in the same category.

Work on Your Idea

For a mobile game to be successful it is important that it is based on a unique and killer idea. Unfortunately, there is no simple process that can be followed to generate new ideas. The key to finding an idea is to think of something engaging and innovative. The idea should appeal to a greater audience to help you make profits. To successfully retain and monetize your users the revenue levers must be a part of the game experience, and not a disruption.

Make it Easy yet Addictive

A little addiction goes a long way in retaining users to your game. There are certain aspects that help make a game addictive. Your game should be fun and easy to play with gradually increasing difficulty level like Gambino slots game. Also, players tend to lose interest in lengthy games. To keep them hooked create short levels with a lot of unlockable content. In a long run, you can retain users with frequent updates and freebies on holidays and occasions.


Mobile games are not just about coding. A game developer should be able to look beyond the technical aspect of making a game. Making a game is all about unleashing your craziest imagination. A mobile designer should have the ability to think of a completely new world, with new characters, storylines and much more.

Writing Your Mobile Game Company’s Business Agreement

The most important step in creating any company is to write a business agreement. This document is necessary for sole proprietorships, as well as partnerships, LLCs, and corporations. In short, these documents dictate how the business will be set up and how it will be run.


In this article, we briefly tried to explain the mobile game development success elements. Most importantly, throughout the whole process, you have to be tough, resilient and, most of all, you have to believe in your product. You have to live and breathe it.