10 Innovative Solar Startups To Look Out For In 2024

Swiss researchers have achieved temperatures over 1,000 degrees Celsius using solar power. They used synthetic quartz crystals to trap solar energy, generating intense heat.

This technology could hold the ability to replace fossil fuels in industries requiring high temperatures, like iron ore smelting and cement production.

“Our research showed that solar thermal trapping works not just at low temperatures, but well above 1,000 degrees Celsius,” says Emiliano Casati of ETH Zurich. This advancement may lead to reducing emissions in heavy manufacturing.

Improving Solar Technology For Industry

The research team is now working on refining this technology. They are testing different materials, fluids, and gases, and exploring other forms of heat radiation.

Casati spoke about the importance of energy solutions, stating, “Energy issue is a cornerstone to the survival of our society.” The aim is to make solar receivers more efficient for industrial processes that require high heat.

To encourage industry adoption, demonstrating the economic benefits of this technology on a large scale is essential. Casati adds, “We need to show the economic viability and advantages of this technology at scale.”
What Startups Are Changing The Game In Solar?

1. Roofit.Solar


Roofit.Solar designs and produces award-winning solar roofs that blend Nordic design with cutting-edge solar technology. The fully building-integrated (BIPV) solar roofs offer unrivalled aesthetics, are strong enough to withstand extreme weather conditions, and offer reduced costs thanks to an efficient 2-in-1 installation.

Roofit.Solar roofs often obtain approval to be used on historical buildings, making solar power possible for protected buildings. The highly effective solar cells are integrated into all-black metal sheets and are almost invisible from afar. Founded in 2016, Roofit.Solar today has customers from 17 countries across Europe, including Estonia, Sweden, and Germany, as well as Norway, Poland, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, and the UK.

The company’s dedicated team features over 70 professionals from nine nationalities, located at three offices. Roofit.Solar was selected by the World Energy Council and the German Energy Agency as one of the top 15 most promising energy and climate-tech startups of 2023.

2. Naked Energy


Naked Energy is a British design and engineering business, leading the global innovation in solar thermal and solar PVT. Naked Energy’s mission is to change energy for good, by displacing fossil fuel in global commercial and industrial buildings through the deployment of its high impact, cost effective and versatile solar heat and power technologies.

Naked Energy’s high energy density solutions are capable of decarbonising heat cost-effectively and with limited space; its solar PVT technology delivers up to four times the carbon savings per m2 in comparison to conventional solar PV.

Its solar thermal collectors can generate electricity and heat water three to four times more efficiently than traditional solar PV panels. The VirtuHOT collector, which generates solar heat, recently received the gold standard TÜV international certification, while their VirtuPVT model converts into both heat and electricity.

The compact design of Virtu also allows the collectors to fit seamlessly onto buildings with small roof space, making them a key solution to the decarbonisation of heat in built-up urban areas.

3. Heatio


Heatio is a cleantech start-up, based in Liverpool, founded with a mission to give everyone access to the benefits of clean, affordable energy.

Heatio has developed Heatio Flexx, a Home Energy platform & Virtual Power Plant that optimises and manages renewable technologies like solar panels and heat pumps in people’s homes, benefitting consumers and the national grid.

Using a data-driven approach combined with AI and machine learning, Flexx specifies which energy-efficient measures and renewable technologies will be suitable for individual households based on their actual energy usage and property type.

Then, connected low carbon technologies are managed and optimised to maximise energy savings. As a result, consumers save money and improve energy security. Working with energy and mortgage lenders, they are changing the energy sector; giving people greater and more affordable access to clean energy.

4. Electron Green


Electron Green helps businesses transition to solar energy by managing the entire process, from strategy and project management to financing, installation, and optimisation.

They specialise in commercial and industrial rooftops, offering solutions that reduce electricity costs and carbon emissions. Electron Green is investing up to £1 billion into free solar systems for businesses.

For tenants, they provide low-cost solar electricity without any upfront costs or business disruption. Owner-occupiers can choose between zero-cost solar PV systems or low-cost solar electricity options. Landlords can improve property value and build stronger tenant relationships with solar installations.

Also, Electron Green offers battery storage solutions to manage energy consumption and costs. Their consulting services support businesses in developing and implementing sustainability strategies.

Their unique software platform allows clients to monitor the performance of their solar systems, ensuring efficient and transparent energy management.

5. Glowb



Founded in 2022, Glowb is on a mission to be the most trusted home solar company in the UK.

In a bid to ‘make light work of solar’, demystify the market and guide homeowners through the transition to clean, smart home energy, Glowb is a solar and battery installation company offering flexible finance options and the latest AI-driven smart battery controls. Its in-house installation teams ensure superb customer service.

The company was founded by CEO Sarah Chapman, who previously founded and sold Brazilian commercial solar company Faro Energy.

She began her career in clean tech strategy at McKinsey & Co, working in carbon markets and on international climate policy. Her co-founder Colin Fraser is CEO of the UK banking operations of FCMB Group.

In 2023, Glowb raised £1.8M in an 80% oversubscribed pre-seed funding round led by Ada Ventures. In 2024 it partnered with Zoa Technologies to launch an AI-powered app to help homeowners optimise their battery storage and make the most of new, agile energy tariffs.

Today, Glowb is solving huge problems in the home renewable energy industry, which is hampered by a lack of smart technology, pervasive mis-selling, limited finance options and inconsistencies in customer service and quality.


6. Metris


Metris helps commercial property owners install solar energy systems easily. They use innovative technology and expert guidance to simplify the process. Metris offers a quick tool to assess solar potential for properties, helping owners understand the energy and revenue benefits instantly.

Metris streamlines the entire solar installation process, from generating business cases to managing projects and automating billing operations.

Their platform allows property owners to sell energy to tenants with automated Power Purchase Agreements and billing, enhancing revenue and reducing carbon emissions.

The MetrisOS platform monitors solar system performance and handles billing, ensuring smooth operations.

Metris supports property owners, solar developers, and businesses in their solar energy projects, providing a seamless experience and helping them achieve sustainability goals.

7. Sunsave


Sunsave offers a simple and affordable way for UK households to switch to solar energy. They provide two main options: pay upfront with Sunsave Standard or subscribe with Sunsave Plus.

Sunsave Standard starts from £6,800 and includes a premium solar and battery system with 30-year solar panel and 10-year battery warranties.

Sunsave Plus, the UK’s first solar subscription, allows customers to go solar with no upfront cost, starting at £69 per month.

Sunsave’s 20-year guarantee covers remote monitoring, free replacement parts, and insurance against damage, theft, and fire. They ensure hassle-free installation and work with Octopus Energy to offer the best export tariffs for excess electricity.

Sunsave has earned accreditation from Which? Trusted Traders, MCS, and other industry bodies, ensuring high-quality service and customer satisfaction.

Their mission is to make solar accessible to all, backed by established venture capital funds and industry leaders.

8. SolarisKit


SolarisKit has developed the world’s first flat-packed solar collector, providing an easy and efficient way to generate hot water.

Their patented prismatic-shaped collectors can heat water up to 60 degrees Celsius and are suitable for homes, pools, spas, and off-grid locations. The flat-pack design simplifies shipping and installation, taking only 20-30 minutes to assemble without tools.

SolarisKit collectors are designed to be safe, avoiding overheating, and are resistant to hard water damage, making them reliable and long-lasting. They are ideal for flat-roof and ground installations and can be used in a wide range of applications.

The SolarisKit solar collector is certified to European standards and offers an affordable and eco-friendly solution for hot water needs, reducing energy costs and carbon emissions.

9. Space Solar


Space Solar aims to change the game in the energy sector with space-based solar power. They plan to deliver an affordable, scalable, and fully renewable energy source from space within 12 years.

Space-based solar power offers continuous, reliable energy, unaffected by weather conditions, and can provide a substantial portion of global energy needs.

Space Solar’s technology allows for safe, wireless energy transmission from space to Earth, reducing the need for extensive ground infrastructure.

Their energy solution promises to be competitive with wind and ground solar, offering continuous baseload power and flexible dispatchable power. It can also help produce green hydrogen and power water desalination plants.

Space Solar’s innovative approach aims to secure a greener and more stable energy future, contributing to global energy security and sustainability.

10. Bboxx


Bbox is dedicated to transforming lives and unlocking potential across Africa by providing access to essential products and services.

They offer technology and financing solutions to bring clean energy, clean cooking, smartphones, and e-mobility to millions.

Bboxx partners with governments and international organisations to achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Their data-driven platform, Bboxx Pulse, uses remote monitoring and IoT technology to deliver reliable services and meet customers’ long-term needs.

Bboxx has positively impacted over 3.6 million people by providing access to clean energy and other essential products. They continue to scale through strategic partnerships and aim to empower communities by connecting them with life-changing technologies.