10 Slovenian Startups To Keep An Eye On In 2024

As we step into 2024, the startup landscape in Slovenia continues to flourish, with innovative companies emerging across various sectors.

From biotechnology to energy efficiency, these Slovenian startups are not just transforming their industries but also setting trends globally. Here’s a look at ten startups from Slovenia that are making waves and why they’re worth watching.


1. GenePlanet: Pioneering Genetic Testing and Research


Gene Planet — Best biotech startup CESAwards 2018 | by CESAwards | Medium

GenePlanet stands at the forefront of biotechnology with its specialisation in genetic testing and research. Their approach combines cutting-edge science with personalised healthcare, offering insights that extend beyond traditional medicine. By analysing an individual’s genetic makeup, GenePlanet provides tailored recommendations for lifestyle, nutrition, and health.

This personalised approach not only empowers individuals with knowledge about their own bodies but also paves the way for advancements in preventive healthcare. Their commitment to innovation and personalised care positions GenePlanet as a leader in the evolving field of genomics.


2. Resalta: Championing Energy Efficiency


Resalta - Products, Competitors, Financials, Employees, Headquarters  Locations

Resalta is making significant strides in the field of energy efficiency. Their services are geared towards helping businesses and organisations reduce their environmental impact and manage energy consumption more effectively.

Through innovative solutions like renewable energy projects, energy performance contracting, and smart building management, Resalta empowers clients to achieve sustainability goals while optimising their energy use. Their commitment to environmental stewardship and their ability to deliver tangible energy savings make Resalta a key player in the drive towards a more sustainable future.


3. PredictLeads: Revolutionising Business Intelligence


PredictLeads: Best in class company intelligence data. | Y Combinator

PredictLeads is revolutionising the way companies approach business intelligence. By providing clean and efficient APIs, they enable businesses to access and integrate valuable data insights seamlessly into their decision-making processes.

This service is crucial for organisations looking to gain a competitive edge through data-driven strategies. PredictLeads helps businesses uncover market trends, track company events, and understand corporate changes, thereby facilitating more informed and strategic business moves. Their innovative approach to business intelligence is transforming how companies harness the power of data.


4. Fit&Beat: Transforming Fitness with Blockchain and XR


Fit&Beat - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding

Fit&Beat is revolutionising the fitness industry with a unique approach that integrates blockchain technology and Extended Reality (XR). By creating a licensing model for personal trainers, they offer a new dimension of personalised fitness experiences.

This model allows for secure, transparent transactions and innovative client engagement through XR technology, making workouts more immersive and interactive. Fit&Beat’s platform not only enhances the fitness journey for users but also provides trainers with advanced tools to expand their reach and impact. Their pioneering blend of blockchain and XR technologies is setting a new standard in fitness innovation.


5. Viberate: Analysing Music Data for Industry Pros


Viberate logo transparent PNG - StickPNG

Viberate is reshaping the music industry with its advanced data analytics services tailored for music professionals. They provide in-depth insights into music trends, artist performances, and audience preferences, using sophisticated data analysis tools. This valuable information helps artists, producers, and labels make informed decisions about production, marketing, and distribution.

Viberate’s analytics can track everything from social media engagement to concert attendance, offering a comprehensive view of the music landscape. Their service is invaluable for anyone in the music industry looking to understand and navigate the rapidly evolving world of music consumption and fan engagement.



6. Doctrina: Educating Pharmacy Staff Online


ZŠ Doctrina | Soukromá základní škola Liberec


Doctrina offers an innovative solution for pharmaceutical education through its online platform. Designed specifically for pharmacy employees, it utilises short, informative product videos to deliver essential training. This approach ensures that pharmacy staff are well-informed about the latest products, enhancing their ability to advise customers effectively.

Doctrina’s platform addresses the need for consistent and accessible training in the pharmaceutical industry, providing a convenient and efficient way for companies to educate their workforce. Their commitment to improving the knowledge and skills of pharmacy professionals is making a significant impact on the quality of customer care in the sector.


7. Eligma: Integrating Payment Solutions for Business Growth


Blockchain-based cognitive commerce platform Eligma begins token presale »  CryptoNinjas

Eligma is transforming the retail and e-commerce sectors with their integrated payment solutions. Their innovative platform, GoCrypto, synergises various payment methods, including cryptocurrencies, and additional point-of-sale (POS) services into one cohesive solution. This integration not only simplifies transactions for businesses but also enhances customer experience.

By turning the traditional POS terminal into a multifunctional tool, Eligma is helping businesses grow, adapt to digital payment trends, and manage transactions more efficiently. Their approach to payment solutions marks a significant step in the evolution of digital commerce and retail technology.


8. Gumbin: Redesigning Gum Disposal




Gumbin is addressing a niche but significant problem in the hospitality industry: gum disposal. Their beautifully designed, functional table bins specifically for discarded chewing gums offer an innovative solution to a common issue in public and dining spaces. Gumbin’s product is not just a practical tool for maintaining cleanliness but also adds an aesthetic value to the spaces it occupies.

It represents a thoughtful and unique solution for restaurant and bar owners who wish to enhance their customer experience by paying attention to such finer details in their service.


9. MountVacation: Simplifying Mountain Holiday Bookings


About MountVacation - MountVacation Travel Blog

MountVacation is revolutionising the way people book mountain holidays. Their online reservation system offers a user-friendly platform for viewing, comparing, and booking holidays in mountainous regions. This service caters to the needs of mountain enthusiasts and adventure seekers, providing a wide range of options from skiing to hiking destinations.

With MountVacation, planning a mountain getaway becomes a hassle-free experience, allowing users to find the perfect holiday spot that fits their preferences and budget. Their comprehensive platform is making mountain holidays more accessible and enjoyable for everyone.


10 Beeping: Trusted Marketplace for Household Services


Beeping | Obrtnička komora Zagreb

Beeping is emerging as a trusted marketplace for household services. Their platform connects users with reliable and vetted professionals for various domestic needs, from cleaning to maintenance. Beeping’s commitment to trust and quality assurance sets them apart in the household service market.

They aim to become a super app for trusted household services, offering a convenient, safe, and efficient way for people to manage their domestic tasks. Beeping’s vision of building a community of trust and excellence is redefining how household services are accessed and delivered.


These ten Slovenian startups are not just contributing to their respective industries; they’re reshaping them. Their innovative approaches and solutions reflect the dynamic and evolving nature of the global startup ecosystem.

As they continue to grow and evolve, they’re certainly worth keeping an eye on in 2024 and beyond.