10 Startups In India To Watch

India, now the most populated country in the world, is home to one of the biggest startup industries globally.

From healthcare to education and financial services to agriculture, young companies are popping up all over the country, revolutionising entire sectors.

Here, we look at ten Indian startups that showcase the best of Indian innovation. Let’s get into it…


1. Farmart – Food Economy Network


FarMart | LinkedIn


Farmart is an SaaS platform that connects farmers directly to retailers.

By allowing them to bypassing traditional middlemen, Farmart ensures farmers get better prices for their produce, while retailers receive fresh produce at lower rates.

Their platform also allows for full traceability, so food businesses know exactly where their food is sourced from and track it from order to delivery.


2. Unacademy – Innovating In EdTech


Online learning will soon become mainstream in India: Unacademy CEO


Unacademy is helping more students access education in India through their online platform.

With a focus on exam preparation  and professional courses in banking and finance, Unacademy uses technology to bring together students and tutors, allowing them to get personalised education outside of the classroom.


3. Classplus – Empowering Tutors With Tech


Made-in-India product, Classplus, used by over 20,000 teachers to teach students online in the last 6 months – India Education | Latest Education News | Global Educational News | Recent Educational News


Classplus helps coaches and tutors develop a digital platform to manage their business, giving them everything they need to become a ‘teacherpreneur’.

Whether they want to post online classes, market their own tutoring services or simply find students, the platform gives them everything they need to kickstart their online business.


4. Vidyut Tech – Making EV Ownership Easy


Top EV Finance Company I Affordable Electric Vehicle Loan


Vidyut Tech is at the forefront of sustainable mobility in India with its electric vehicle (EV) loan ownership scheme.

Through giving drivers financing options to own and pay back their EVs over time, Vidyut Tech is helping make India’s roads more green.


5. Paytm – Simplifying Digital Payments


Can you use Paytm wallet after February 29? Here's what all Paytm users need to know - The Economic Times


Paytm is helping more people manage their digital payments, allowing them to pay for items, bills and book transport.

Their user-friendly platform has allowed people in India to do more online, driving forwards a cashless society.



6. eFeed – Empowering Farmers With Tech


eFeed – Apps on Google Play


eFeed uses AI to help farmers better manage their livestock through optimising diet and nutrition.

By using technology, eFeed is able to inform farmers about what to feed their cattle, meaning they can optimise yield, reduce methane emission and streamline costs.


7. MFine – Online Medical Access


MFine launches heart rate monitoring tool on its app


MFine is helping more people in India access faster healthcare through its on-demand platform, connecting patients with doctors.

Their AI-driven system means people can be seen quickly by doctors, book lab tests when needed and track their vitals all from their app.

With a growing population and many rural areas across the country, MFine is helping more Indians access the healthcare they need.

8. NeoDocs – Smart Health Data


Neodocs: Instant lab tests on your smartphone | Y Combinator


NeoDocs is helping more people get essential data around their health with its innovative at home test.

Through a simple urine test on one of their bespoke strips, AI is able to evaluate the results and provide personal insights directly to the user’s phone. Through this, users are able to receive actionable health insights, helping them make more informed decisions and lifestyle changes.


9. WishLink – Connecting Influencers And Fans


Wishlink | LinkedIn


WishLink is helping influencers sell to their fans through their easy-to-use platform.

By allowing influencers to create storefronts with the products they’re promoting, WishLink allows them to collaborate more easily with brands and turn their followers into customers.


10. Sarvam AI – AI-Driven Solutions


Sarvam AI - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding


Sarvam AI is one of India’s fastest growing AI businesses. The company is on a mission to research and develop AI products designed to increase productivity for businesses in India.

Recently announcing a $41M series A funding round, Sarvam is helping put India on the map as an AI superpower.


These ten startups are just a small sample of the innovation and entrepreneurship in India. Keep an eye on these startups (and India as a whole) as it continues to develop into a global tech superpower.