10 Startups In Jordan To Watch In 2024

Jordan is a country that is full of innovation and potential. Here, we look at ten startups that are not just shaping their industries but also showing just how entrepreneurial Jordanian people are.

Let’s take a look…

1. WashyWash – On-Demand Eco-Friendly Cleaning


Eco-Friendly Laundry & Dry Clean in Amman


WashyWash is not just a laundry service; it’s a sustainability champion in Jordan’s busy startup scene. This platform offers an eco-friendly, on-demand cleaning service that caters to the environmentally conscious consumer.

By using biodegradable materials and non-toxic cleaning agents, WashyWash minimises the environmental impact typically associated with traditional laundry. The convenience of their app-based service model, combined with their commitment to green practices, positions WashyWash as a pioneer in the region, aiming to transform everyday tasks into sustainable actions. Their approach resonates with a growing base of customers who prioritise convenience and sustainability.


2. DeepScale App – Body Fat Measurement Via A Selfie


Top Health/Medical companies and startups in Jordan | F6S Companies - Jordan  | F6S


DeepScale App is breaking new ground in the health and fitness tech industry. It’s a mobile application that uses selfies to estimate body fat percentage, particularly focusing on the abdominal area.

This app is a significant step forward in making health more accessible to the general public. By using advanced algorithms and image processing technologies, DeepScale provides users with an easy and non-intrusive way to track their fitness progress.


3. STEAM Hub – Bridging Schools and Educators


STEAM HUB | LinkedIn


STEAM Hub is an educational force in Jordan’s tech scene. This edtech marketplace serves as a vital link between schools and educators, focusing on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM).

It’s not just about bringing teachers and students together; it’s about creating opportunities for a richer, more diverse educational environment. Their work is crucial in preparing a new generation of students for a world where interdisciplinary skills and digital literacy are increasingly important.


4. ViaVii – Personalised Travel


service-providers - ViaVii


ViaVii is redefining travel in Jordan and beyond, by offering personalised experiences that connect travellers with local cultures and communities.

This platform goes beyond the usual tourist attractions, focusing instead on authentic, local experiences curated by residents. ViaVii’s approach to travel emphasises personal connections and cultural immersion, allowing travellers to experience destinations through the eyes of those who know them best.


5. Edzance – Educational Technology Management


edzance | LinkedIn


Edzance is changing the educational landscape in Jordan with its technology management platform. Recognising the role of technology in modern education, Edzance offers a platform for managing and integrating educational technology in schools and institutions.

By simplifying the complex world of edtech, Edzance is not only enhancing the educational process but also ensuring that technology becomes a seamless and empowering part of learning.



6. The World of Plants For Smart Solutions – AI-Powered Plant Health


The world of plants for smart solutions عالم النباتات للحلول الذكية |  LinkedIn


The World of Plants for Smart Solutions is at the forefront of agricultural technology in Jordan, using artificial intelligence to revolutionise plant healthcare. Their unique app allows users to diagnose plant diseases simply by taking a photo of a leaf.

This AI-driven approach provides instant insights into plant health, identifying diseases and recommending appropriate organic treatments. This innovation is particularly valuable for farmers and gardeners, offering a quick, accurate, and accessible method for maintaining plant health.


7. Coach You – Arabic Online Coaching Platform


Coach you


Coach You is pioneering the online coaching industry in the Arab world, addressing a crucial gap in personal and professional development. As the first Arabic platform dedicated to coaching, it offers a range of services from career guidance to personal growth, all in the Arabic language.

By providing a space for Arab speakers to connect with coaches who understand their unique cultural context, Coach You is empowering individuals to achieve their goals and making coaching a more inclusive and accessible service.


8. Frata App – Banking Extra Coins


About Frata App - Finance company in Jordan | F6S

Frata App turns the inconvenience of handling extra coins into an opportunity for micro-savings. This app allows users to automatically convert their spare change from everyday transactions into savings.

By linking with users’ accounts, Frata rounds up purchase amounts and saves the difference, simplifying the saving process. This approach not only promotes a culture of saving among users but also represents a creative solution to the often overlooked issue of coin accumulation. In a digital age, Frata App is reimagining how small change can make a big difference.


9. Abwaab – Reinventing Learning Beyond Classrooms


Jordan's edtech Abwaab raises $20m Series A round | Arab News

Abwaab is reshaping the educational landscape in Jordan with its forward-thinking approach to learning.

This edtech startup goes beyond the traditional classroom setting, offering an online platform that provides students with interactive and personalised learning experiences. By harnessing the power of technology, Abwaab makes education more accessible, flexible, and tailored to individual needs.

Their platform includes a range of subjects and caters to different learning styles, making it a versatile resource for students seeking to supplement their classroom education or pursue independent learning paths.


10. FitZad – Promoting Healthy Living


About FitZad - Sports company in Jordan | F6S


FitZad stands out in the health and wellness industry by combining scientific principles with practical applications for a healthier lifestyle. This startup offers a comprehensive approach to health, focusing on fitness, nutrition, and overall wellbeing.

By providing users with information and tools, FitZad encourages informed choices about health and fitness. Their platform caters to those seeking to improve their health through sustainable and scientifically grounded methods.


In conclusion, these ten startups are not just businesses; they’re a testament to the innovative spirit thriving in Jordan. Keep an eye on them into 2024 and beyond…