10 Startups In New York, USA To Keep An Eye On

As the startup scene in New York continues to flourish, 2024 is shaping up to be an exciting year.

From fintech to healthcare, these ten companies are redefining industries worldwide. Here’s a look at each of these companies and how they are innovating their sectors.


1. Bloom Credit – Enhancing Credit Access


Credit Data Solutions for the 21st Century | Bloom Credit


Bloom Credit is a credit data solution that helps companies create credit products.

Through its bespoke API, Bloom credit is on a mission to improve financial inclusion by making credit more accessible. Their product not only cuts out long onboarding processes, they also handle implementation and compliance – ensuring businesses are able to enjoy continued growth with peace of mind.


2. Worthy – C2B Jewel Sales


The Jeweler Network | Worthy


Worthy is a unique platform that allows individuals to sell their luxury jewellery items to professional buyers.

The platform allows jewellery owners to hand their items over to the business, which then runs an auction featuring over 1,000 professional buyers. Once the piece is sold, the seller receives their payment through PayPal, making it an easy process from start to finish.


3. Landa – Real Estate Investment Made Easy


Real Estate Investing Online Made Easy | Landa


Landa opens the door to real estate investment with just a few taps on your phone.

By allowing people to invest in shares of rental properties for as little as $5, Landa is making access to access to real estate profits more accessible. Investors are able to put in their money and receive dividends, without having to take on the cost or care of the entire property.


4. Alma – Revolutionising Mental Health Care


Alma — Simplifying Access to Therapy


Hello Alma is a mental health platform that connects individuals with therapists and counselling services that take their insurance.

By helping people search for therapists that are affordable and trustworthy, Alma is helping more people access mental health support.


5. LeafLink – Streamlining The Cannabis Industry


LeafLink Case Studies | The Wholesale Cannabis Marketplace


LeafLink is a wholesale cannabis management platform, connecting retailers with brands and distributors.

Their platform simplifies the whole ordering process, including inventory management, and analytics, helping businesses operate more efficiently in the rapidly growing cannabis market.



6. Synchron – The Brain-Computer Interface


Synchron Announces First Human U.S. Brain-Computer Interface Implant |  Business Wire


Synchron is at the heart of developing brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) that could transform the lives of people with paralysis and other disabilities.

Through a simple procedure that they describe as non-invasive, the technology is inserted into a patient’s brain. Their product then aims to allow users to control digital devices through their brains, allowing them to communicate more easily.


7. Bilt Rewards – Rent Rewards Programme


Bilt Rewards - 7 Dey


Bilt Rewards allows renters to earn points on rent payments and receive loyalty rewards for it.

As New York is so heavily populated by renters, the platform is helping people access rewards for their regular payments.

These points can be redeemed for travel, fitness classes, or even applied towards future rent or a home purchase, making it a versatile rewards programme.


8. Levels Health – Personalised Health Monitoring


Levels $38M Series A Driven by Member and Community Alignment to Solve  Metabolic Health Crisis | Business Wire


Levels Health shows how food is impacting your body with their metabolic health platform.

The platform uses glucose monitoring to provide real-time feedback on how diet affects overall health, including which foods affect the body in different ways. This personalised approach to health and wellness allows people to make informed choices about their food and helps them reach their goals quicker.


9. Kindbody – Fertility and Family-Building


Kindbody Reports High Growth; Positioning Itself as Fertility and  Family-Building Leader Serving Employers and Consumers


Kindbody is a fertility and family-building care company with a focus on accessibility, affordability, and a holistic approach.

Their clinics and online platform provide a range of services from fertility testing to IVF, making comprehensive fertility care more accessible for everyone.


10. Pogo – Earn Rewards From Data


Pogo Logo


In a world where data is king, Pogo is helping customers earn from their insights.

Customers can link their debit/credit cards to the account and generate points and rewards every time they spend. Through these points and rewards, customers can earn cash back, unlock deals and save, making it easy for users to get money back on their everyday spending.


As these startups continue to grow and evolve, they represent just a the tip of the iceberg when it comes to innovation in New York.

Keep an eye on these startups as they continue to make waves on the global stage.