10 Startups In Texas, USA To Keep An Eye On In 2024

As the startup ecosystem continues to grow in Texas, a whole network of innovative startups are popping up all over the state.

From cutting-edge technology to unique platforms, these startups are making waves both locally and globally.

Here’s a look at 10 startups in Texas to keep an eye on in 2024…


1. Diligent Robots – Revolutionising Healthcare With AI


Diligent Robotics Jobs - Tech Jobs for Good


Diligent Robots is helping people and robots work together with their autonomous robot assistants.

These robots are designed to assist healthcare staff by performing routine tasks, helping improve efficiency and allowing hospital staff to focus more on patient care.

Their robot, Moxi, has already been rolled out across several hospitals, showing how robotics and AI can help enhance healthcare services.


2. HeyHire – Streamlining Hiring Processes


HeyHire Company Profile: Valuation, Funding & Investors | PitchBook


HeyHire is helping people find the best local talent with their innovative platform that automates the the hiring process.

The platform offers multiple designs, job posting templates, payroll integration and location management, significantly reducing the time it takes to screen candidates and making the recruitment process more efficient.


3. Infinitum Electric – Sustainable Electric Motors


Infinitum Electric Raises $80M in Series D Funding Led by Riverstone  Holdings to Scale Production of Sustainable Motors | Business Wire


Infinitum Electric is on a mission to make electric motors more energy-efficient with their new motor.

Their approach to motor design significantly reduces the use of materials, lowers emissions and improves performance.

The company offers a greener motor alternative for various industries, including companies in the automotive and industrial machinery sectors.


4. Restream – Empowering Live Streamers


Restream Review - Pricing, Alternatives & More [2024]


Restream is a live streaming tool that allows content creators to broadcast live video content across multiple streaming services simultaneously.

This allows them to maximise audience reach and engagement, making it a  great tool for creators.


5. Workrise – Oil & Gas Supply Chain


Workrise logo


Workrise is a supplier management platform designed specifically for the oil and gas industries.

It connects companies with developers and vendors they need to operate, allowing them to work quicker with lower costs.  Workwise describes itself as ‘the network that powers the energy industry’ – making it a key player in the power sector.



6. Maven – Online Courses


Jobs at Maven


Maven is an online course platform, upskilling people in topics like AI, product, design, marketing, investing and leadership.

The courses are delivered live and hosted by an impressive roster of tech leaders from companies like Meta, Google and Harvard.

Through its easy-to-use platform, Maven is helping people all over the US upskill in the most profitable areas.


7. Outdoorsy – RV Rentals


Outdoorsy, in tandem with investors and banking partners, launches $30  million 'Oasis Fund' to capitalize on glamping's explosive growth


Outdoorsy is the Airbnb of RV rentals, connecting people who want to explore the great outdoors with a wide range of RVs, motorhomes, trailers or campervans.

Whether it’s a weekend getaway or a cross-country road trip, Outdoorsy makes it easy for adventure seekers to find the perfect RV for their next journey.


8. Hello Alice – Business Growth For SMEs


Hello Alice | Companies | QED Investors


Hello Alice is a free platform that helps small businesses on their path to success through allowing them to see the financial health of their businesses.

By having eyes on their external credit scores, businesses are able to work to improve them, making it more likely for them to get loans or investment.


9. Majority – Mobile Banking For Migrants


MAJORITY, the First Digital Financial Service for Migrants, Launches in the  United States


Majority offers a unique banking service tailored to the needs of migrants.

Not only does it allow them to open an account without a social services number, it also providing them with a mobile banking that includes international money transfers, mobile credit, and more.

With a growing migrant population in the US, Majority is set to help them manage their finances more easily using the power of tech.


10. Aben – Customer Data


Aben Logo


Aben is a customer data platform that allows businesses to see everything they need to know about their customers in one place.

Through the platform, businesses are able to generate insights, trigger campaigns based on customer behaviour and measure the ROI of their marketing efforts.


These 10 Texan startups are continuing to grow and innovate in their respective fields.

Keep an eye on these companies in 2024 as they lead the way in innovation and creativity.