10 Startups In Uganda To Watch

Uganda’s startup ecosystem is a hub of innovation, driven by a new generation of young entrepreneurs who are tackling everything from healthcare and agriculture to education and fintech.

Here, we take a look at ten exciting Ugandan startups that are already on the way to making significant impacts in their sectors.


1. T Wave AquaManager – Aquaculture Management




AquaManager created AI-driven robotic technology to make fish farming more productive.

With tools that allow farmers to track water quality and manage their systems more autonomously, the company is helping increase fish yields all over Uganda.


2. BrainShare – Facilitating e-Learning


BrainShare logo


BrainShare is an AI-driven assistant that helps students access academic resources, career management and counselling services.

By helping more students access educational content online, BrainShare makes it easier for students across Uganda to access the support they need and improve their academic performance.


3. Teheca – Personalised Care



Teheca connects patients with healthcare professionals so that they have better access to quick, personalised care.

Through their online form, people can request a nurse, create a care plan and be connected to reliable professional care providers.

Focused on postnatal, cancer elderly care, the platform is a great resource for families that need home healthcare help.


4. EzyAgric – Empowering Farmers With Data



EzyAgric is an agricultural technology startup that helps farmers track their income and expenses to enhance profitability.

Not only that, it also gives them access to loans if they need, to help boost their businesses.

By empowering farmers with data and financial tools, they can spend more time on their output and less time sifting through the numbers.


5. Rentbeta – Streamlining Rent Payment



Rentbeta helps more people navigate the rental payment process by connecting landlords and tenants through their online platform.

This startup aims to helps tenants pay in a way that works for them, and landlords keep track of payments. This makes it an overall more stable and secure process for both parties.



6. Biha Eco Venture – Turning Waste Into Green Products


logo eco final_2.png


Biha Eco Venture is on a mission to reduce waste by transforming plastic into green products.

Typically buried or burnt, the company is turning plastic waste into usable products.

By using excess plastic to create sustainable roof tiles and plastic solar tiles, it’s not only reducing waste but also making construction more green.


7. ClinicPesa – Affordable Health Financing




ClinicPesa believes that no one should not be able to access healthcare because of the price.

With this at its core, the company provides a platform for users to save and borrow money for healthcare financing.

By creating an easy and accessible way to fund medical expenses like medicine and medical bills, ClinicPesa is reducing the financial barrier to necessary healthcare treatments.


8. Kyuka Ventures Hub – Circular Plastic Economy


Kyuka ventures innovation hub - Start Up Energy Transition


Kyuka Ventures Hub helping to make Uganda more green by turning end-of-life plastic into liquid fuels to replace fossil fuels.

By diverting plastic waste from landfill – or burning – the company is helping to build a circular plastic economy by integrating it with existing recycling systems.


9. Emata – Financial Investment For Farmers



Emata allows farmers to grow their farms into full businesses through offering investment loans.

Their platform allows farmers to grow and scale, allowing them to invest in the tools they need to boost productivity.

By boosting investment in a largely under-funded, but economically important sector, Emata is helping Ugandan farmers build full-blown businesses with their land.


10. ReForm Africa – Fashionable Bags From Recycled Material




ReForm Africa is turning waste into fashion by creating durable and stylish bags from recycled plastic.

By creating tote bags, shopping bags and backpacks, the company is giving new life to old plastics.

This not only provides useful and fashionable products but also helps support waste reduction and conservation.