10 Startups Tackling Chronic Illness

WIRED recently shed light on Charco Neurotech, a Cambridge-based startup founded by Lucy Jung in 2019. It was created to help people with Parkinson’s disease, which is a condition that causes tremors, rigidity, and difficulty walking due to decreased dopamine levels and disrupted neural communication.

Charco Neurotech has come up with an innovative solution called the CUE1 device. It is a wearable plastic disc that has an electric motor inside. When placed on the wearer’s sternum, it emits high-frequency vibrations that have proven to alleviate Parkinson’s symptoms through cueing.

Charco Neurotech has secured substantial funding and aims for regulatory approval for prescription through healthcare systems like the NHS.

In healthcare, there’s a crucial need for innovation to aid those with chronic illness. Conditions like diabetes and heart disease affect millions, calling for solutions to manage symptoms and enhance life quality. Through technological advancements and patient-centred strategies, startups in the healthcare industry have made substantial progress in supporting individuals facing chronic conditions.


10 Startups Tackling Chronic Illness


In the healthcare industry, there are many new medtech startups that are helping people who struggle with chronic illnesses. These companies use technology to create devices and solutions that improve the quality of life for individuals facing long-term health challenges. These initiatives are making significant progress in enhancing patient well-being.



1. Medicalmotion




Medicalmotion GmbH offers a holistic pain therapy solution via an app, designed to enhance users’ quality of life by reducing pain and granting more time for meaningful activities. Their tailored therapy targets pain comprehensively, adapting after each session to gradually improve users’ well-being.

With a combination of artificial intelligence, physiotherapy, mindfulness, breathing exercises, and education, Medicalmotion addresses pain at its root, offering personalised care for individuals managing chronic illness.


2. Think Biosolution




Think Biosolution Limited, with offices in Dublin, Ireland, and Rochester, NY, USA, develops predictive technology for fitness and health using deep learning.

Their IoT products aid in monitoring chronic conditions, predicting the onset of co-morbidities, and reducing healthcare costs.

By integrating AI and remote patient monitoring, their platform assists long-term care facilities in early detection and management of chronic illnesses, ultimately improving patient outcomes and reducing healthcare expenses.


3. Connected Care Solutions




Connected Care Solutions offers remote patient monitoring, chronic care management, and transition care management services. By connecting patients with their care teams through remote devices and communication channels, they ensure continuous support and guidance for managing chronic illnesses.

Physicians benefit from reduced administrative workload and increased in-office patient time, leading to improved outcomes and patient satisfaction. Connected Care Solutions aims to enhance patient health while alleviating burdens on healthcare providers.


4. Neuromod




Neuromod Devices pioneers bimodal neuromodulation technology to address tinnitus, a condition affecting 15% of adults globally. Their flagship product, Lenire®, offers at-home treatment tailored by healthcare professionals.

Neuromod’s commitment extends to advancing tinnitus care through research, clinical trials, and professional education, aiming to establish bimodal neuromodulation as the new standard in tinnitus management.




5. TickerFit




TickerFit offers a cloud-based application empowering healthcare professionals to deliver personalised lifestyle interventions for patients. By utilising easy-to-use web and mobile technologies, TickerFit enables professionals to implement lifestyle changes crucial for managing chronic illnesses.

With a focus on patient engagement and transformation, TickerFit helps individuals achieve better health outcomes through personalised care plans tailored to their unique needs.


6. Pasithea Therapeutics




Pasithea Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company dedicated to developing new therapies for central nervous system (CNS) diseases.

Led by renowned experts like Professor Lawrence Steinman, they focus on discovering treatments for mental health issues, including chronic conditions like Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), Multiple Sclerosis (MS), and Schizophrenia.

With their innovative approach integrating immunology and neuroscience, Pasithea aims to transform the lives of those suffering from psychiatric and neurological disorders, offering hope to individuals managing chronic illness.


7. Orbit




Orbit is revolutionising Parkinson’s care with personalised digital health solutions. Their Neptune solution, an AI-enabled medical device, offers continuous objective insights for healthcare professionals.

For Parkinson’s patients, Neptune Care is a 24/7 self-monitoring app, empowering individuals to better manage their symptoms. By placing patients at the centre of their orbit, Orbit aims to enhance quality of life and enable proactive management of chronic conditions.


8. Aide




Aide is a digital health platform dedicated to supporting individuals and clinicians in managing chronic diseases more effectively. By facilitating better communication and understanding between patients and healthcare providers, Aide empowers users to take control of their long-term conditions.

Through personalised support, real-world data insights, and natural language interactions, Aide streamlines care management, saving both time and effort for patients and clinicians alike.


9. Clin-e-cal




Clin-e-cal, is on a mission to develop smart inhaler monitoring technology. Their apps, Rafi-Tone and Clip-Tone, use SoundResponse® technology to analyse inhaler sounds, providing real-time feedback on technique and adherence.

This innovation aims to improve inhaler usage, crucial for reducing asthma complications and deaths. Clin-e-cal’s solutions, including the child-friendly Rafi Robot, offer personalised support for asthma sufferers, potentially saving lives in a country with high asthma death rates.


10. ReCode Therapeutics




ReCode Therapeutics is pioneering precision genetic medicines for diseases with no existing treatments, such as primary ciliary dyskinesia and cystic fibrosis. Their innovative platform enables targeted delivery of genetic therapies beyond the liver, offering hope for patients with rare conditions.

By optimising mRNA and gene correction therapies, ReCode aims to revolutionise treatment options for chronic illnesses, potentially transforming the lives of those affected.