10 Startups To Watch In Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich, Switzerland is a city known for its beautiful nature, economic influence and bustling business scene.

In fact, according to SeedBlink, Zurich is home to over 1,700 startups and is known to be home to the largest startup ecosystem in the country.

From robotics to AI and sustainable farming, these startups are making an impact both locally and globally. Here are ten Zurich-based startups that we think you should keep an eye on.


1. ANYbotics – Advanced Robotics


Anybotics is a Verve Ventures Portfolio Company


ANYbotics has created autonomous robots designed to help workers in environments that might be difficult or dangerous to navigate.

Their robots are built with sensing technology that allows them to autonomously navigate various environments, making servicing, monitoring and inspecting safer.


2. OneSoil – AI-Driven Farming


OneSoil Vector Logo - (.SVG + .PNG) - FindVectorLogo.Com


OneSoil uses AI to help farmers reach their full agriculture potential.

The company helps monitor crops, increase yields and reduce costs associated with excess seed and fertilisers.

Through a combination of AI and satellite monitoring, the company is helping farmers make better data-driven decisions.


3. Decentriq – Data Targeting


Decentriq is a SaaS platform that helps companies look for and engage new customers, powered by data.

Designed to reduce reliance on third-party cookies, Decentriq analyses a company’s data to generate audiences that they are most likely to convert.


4. Wingtra – Professional Drones




Wingtra created drones that help collect data quickly, safely and efficiently.

Their ability to scan and analyse images for the sky make them perfect for industries such as construction, mining, and agriculture. Wingtra’s drones are known for their reliability, how easy they are to use, and their ability to scan large areas more efficiently than other tools.


5. YASAI – Vertical Farming


YASAI Logo New 2021 - Association for Vertical Farming


YASAI is on a mission to transform the way food is grown through vertical farming. They design and build vertical farms that help reduce food poverty.

This technology not only maximises space, but also allows growers to use less resources to grow their crops.



6. TP24 – Finance For SMEs






TP24 exists to help finance SMEs when banks aren’t able do. SMEs can find it hard to get the financing they need, especially in the early stages, so TP24 helps them access a credit line based on their projected growth.

The platform uses data to assess creditworthiness and help better the lending process, making access to financing easier.


7. Carbonfuture – Carbon Credits




Carbonfuture is a company that offers carbon credits to help individuals and companies offset their emissions.

The company uses transparent reporting to help companies see the entire carbon removal journey, helping combat climate change and encourage environmental protection.


8. Trybe – Community Change Platform


Trybe Logo


Trybe is a community platform that helps local people and businesses come together to solve local problems like potholes, public services or sustainability issues.

The company aims to unite to find solutions and voice their concerns with the people around them.


9. Typewise – AI Writing Assistant



Typewise is an AI software that helps businesses communicate faster. By helping them reply to concerns more quickly, they can save money, improve customer service and save employees valuable time.

The AI is able to complete sentences in real time, auto-generate responses, translate text and check grammar all through one place.

10. Avrios – Fleet Management Software


Fleet management software: Consolidate your data


Avrios is a fleet management software platform for businesses that rely on transport.

Business owners can see a whole range of real-time data about their fleet, allowing them to make more informed decisions about maintenance, repairs, energy expenses and compliance.