10 Swiss Startups To Watch in 2024

Switzerland, renowned for its postcard-perfect landscapes and high living standards, is also a hotbed of innovation and startup culture.

With a strong financial reputation and a culture that nurtures creativity, Switzerland is emerging as a key player in the global startup scene. Swiss startups are thriving, especially in sectors like healthtech, CleanTech, and AI. This article spotlights ten promising Swiss startups from various sectors that are set to make significant impacts in 2024 and beyond.


1. deskbird – HRtech Workplace Management


deskbird | BUILTWORLD


deskbird is redefining workplace management with its people-centric SaaS solution, particularly tailored for the evolving hybrid work environment. This innovative platform allows employees to seamlessly book office resources and coordinate in-office days, fostering a more connected and efficient hybrid work culture.

For managers, deskbird offers valuable insights into office usage, helping optimise operational costs and enhance employee satisfaction. Since its launch in 2020, deskbird has expanded rapidly, managing over 500 offices across 20 countries and demonstrating its effectiveness in shaping the future of workplace management.


2. Kooky – Sustainable Food Packaging


Kooky on the App Store


Based in Zurich, Kooky is at the forefront of environmental sustainability in the food and beverage industry with its smart reusable packaging system. Kooky’s unique approach involves a digital cup system that allows customers to effortlessly return used cups through convenient kooky drop-off boxes, instantly crediting their deposit back.

This system not only combats plastic waste but also promotes a more sustainable lifestyle. Founded in 2021, Kooky’s innovative solution represents a significant stride towards reducing environmental impact in the bevtech sector, demonstrating a commitment to a greener future.


3. SNAQ – Diabetes Management App


SNAQ AG - startup.ch


SNAQ is a revolutionary app that empowers diabetes management through intuitive food tracking. By simply uploading meal photos, users receive detailed nutritional analysis, helping them understand the impact of their diet on blood sugar levels.

Integrated with glucose sensors, SNAQ identifies dietary patterns, making diabetes management more accessible and personalised. This tool is a significant advancement in managing diabetes effectively and conveniently.


4. Healios – Multiple Sclerosis App


Healios Digital Health Platform - Empowering Neurology and Clinical Trials teams through novel digital biomarkers and remote monitoring


Healios is a specialised app designed for multiple sclerosis patients, facilitating remote monitoring of their condition. Using the smartphone app, patients perform tests assessing movement, balance, dexterity, and vision.

The app’s algorithm converts these results into digital biomarkers, providing doctors with valuable insights into patients’ neurological functions. This innovative approach to patient care allows for more frequent and accurate monitoring, improving treatment and management of multiple sclerosis.


5. QUMEA – Digital Health Monitoring


Qumea AG | S-GE


QUMEA is transforming patient monitoring with its advanced 3D sensor technology. Designed for use in hospitals and care institutions, these sensors provide vital data on patient activities, like fall detection, sleep quality, and movement, without invasive cameras or wearables.

This innovation represents a significant leap in healthcare, offering a more discreet, efficient, and accurate way to monitor patients, ensuring timely interventions and improved care outcomes.



6. Norm – Energy Efficiency Software


Norm | Energy certificates - renovation proposals - CO₂ emissions


Norm is a trailblaser in the building sector, focusing on energy efficiency through its innovative software platform. The platform analyses data regarding energy use and CO2 emissions in buildings, providing actionable insights for energy efficiency certifications and identifying potential areas for renovation.

Norm’s approach not only aids in reducing energy consumption but also supports the transition to more sustainable building practices. As the emphasis on green building grows, Norm’s technology offers a valuable tool for architects, builders, and property managers aiming to minimise environmental impact while optimising energy use.


7. Oxyle – Wastewater Treatment Technology


Oxyle AG - startup.ch


Oxyle is making significant strides in environmental protection with its novel wastewater treatment technology. This system stands out for its ability to remove and neutralise micropollutants in water bodies, a task that conventional filtration methods fail to accomplish effectively.

Oxyle’s approach not only extracts these harmful substances but also destroys them through mineralisation, offering a more sustainable and thorough solution to water pollution. This technology is crucial for preserving aquatic ecosystems and ensuring cleaner water resources.


8. Lakera – AI Security


About | Lakera – Protecting AI teams that disrupt the world.


Lakera is addressing the crucial need for enhanced security in AI systems. Their technology focuses on preventing data leaks and mitigating harmful language in AI models.

By developing an online game to test the vulnerability of AI to manipulative language, Lakera has gathered a vast dataset that enhances its AI security insights. This approach is critical in today’s digital landscape, where AI models are increasingly integrated into various applications, making their security and integrity paramount.


9. Faive – Humanoid Robotic Hands


faive robotics


Faive, emerging from ETH Zurich, is pushing the boundaries of robotics with its development of humanoid robotic hands. These advanced robotic hands are designed to assist with complex industrial tasks that require precision in grasping and reorientation.

Faive’s innovation promises to revolutionise industrial processes, offering increased efficiency, accuracy, and safety in environments where manual handling is challenging or hazardous. Their contribution to robotics marks a significant step forward in the automation and enhancement of industrial operations.


10. Avelo – Respiratory Infection Detection


File:Avelo Airlines Logo.svg - Wikipedia


Avelo is pioneering in the field of healthcare with its innovative breath aerosol collector, designed to detect respiratory tract infections. This technology works seamlessly with existing respiratory tests to distinguish between viral and bacterial infections.

Avelo’s approach aims to minimise the overuse of antibiotics by providing accurate, point-of-care diagnostics. This not only promises to enhance patient care but also significantly cut healthcare costs by ensuring appropriate treatment pathways.


The Swiss startup ecosystem, despite a funding slowdown, continues to thrive and innovate. These ten startups represent the diverse and dynamic nature of the country’s tech scene, offering groundbreaking solutions in health, AI, environmental conservation, and more. As we move into 2024, these companies are not just ones to watch; they are shaping the future of their respective industries. With a blend of technological prowess and visionary thinking, Switzerland is poised to remain at the forefront of global innovation.