5 Fertili-Tech Companies You Should Know About

When it comes to improving healthcare, technology has been at the forefront and fertility is no different. With around 9 to 15% of couples in the UK struggling with fertility, this market is set for innovation.

These Fertili-tech companies, which use technology to provide everything from testing to tips and insights are becoming increasingly popular.

Here, we look at five companies innovating in the fertility sector, helping people address and overcome fertility challenges.


Peppy Health



Peppy is an employee benefits digital health app, helping people access experts in fertility, menopause and post-partum care.

This direct line to professionals allows each couple to receive their own personalised advice from the comfort of their home, without having to rely on clinics.

Beyond fertility, Peppy follows couples into their parenthood with advice around post-partum care, menopause and wider men and women’s health. With convenience at its core, Peppy is making fertility support easier and more accessible.






Mojo uses AI to help people understand fertility better through its at-home sperm testing kit.

Mojo’s AI analyses sperm samples with up to 22 biomarkers, with results delivered straight to the user’s phone within 48 hours.

Once the results have come in, users are able to book a one-to-one session with a fertility specialise, giving them personalised advice around how to improve sperm quality.

Mojo is revolutionising fertility care by giving men the knowledge and understanding about their bodies to make actionable change. Through their personalised platform, users can get quick, accurate and actionable results to help push forward their fertility journey.


Hertility Health


At-Home Hormone & Fertility Tests For Women | Hertility Health


Hertility Health is a women’s reproductive health company that offers hormone testing and personalised data insights.

Through a simple at-home hormone test, women can receive detailed reports on the levels of their reproductive hormones, including whether they are at risk of PCOS and endometriosis and what their egg count is likely to be.

Once the results are in, users are able to book consultations or ultra-sounds to further investigate any abnormalities. Not just for those trying to conceive, Hertility is all about empowering women to gather knowledge around their hormone health, helping with their broader fertility goals.





Accurate Fertility Testing for Men | Sperm DNA Damage | Examen


ExamenLab specialises in male fertility testing, providing men with DNA sperm testing.

Their cutting-edge labs provide a detailed analyses of sperm DNA, focusing on the quality of sperm, as well as the amount.

Given that male factors contribute to around half of all fertility issues, Examen’s analysis can be a game changer for couples struggling with fertility.

Not only does the sperm’s health give indicators around conception, it can also point to the likelihood of success of both IVF and ICSI, helping couples make more informed decisions around fertility.





Clue is more than just a period and ovulation tracker, it’s a platform that educates and empowers people around their reproductive health.

With features that monitor and track menstrual cycles, predict fertile windows, and provide health insights, Clue is a great app for anyone who is looking to conceive or learn more about their body.

Led by scientists, the company continuously updates its users around the latest advancements, making it a great partner in all aspects of women’s health.