5 More Therapy & Wellness Startups For Your Mental Health

When it comes to mental health solutions, the needs of individuals find resonance in the innovative approaches of startups. A recent survey by Purbeck Personal Guarantee Insurance sheds light on the financial and emotional strains faced by small business owners, emphasising the growing importance of mental health support.

In this context, we explore 5 more promising therapy and wellness startups making strides in enhancing mental well-being. These startups offer diverse and accessible solutions, reflecting a concerted effort to address the nuanced challenges individuals encounter on their mental health journeys.


1. Swyno



Siwan Jones, from North Wales, has drawn on her own personal experience with mental health to develop a bilingual book business, encouraging young people to explore their mental health by immersing themselves in relatable, bilingual literature. Each month Siwan handpicks an English and Welsh read featuring key themes that she hopes people of all ages can relate to. The books are delivered in a ‘Swyno Box’, which includes personalised items that relate to key topics and moments within the book itself. Swyno was developed in response to rising suicide rates, particularly amongst men, across Wales during the pandemic. At the time of launch, Siwan was graduating from a counselling degree, where she dedicated her alternative therapy module to bibliotherapy; a cost-effective and flexible form of alternative therapy that helps people to combat a variety of mental health difficulties by reading.


2. Firth Flock Flowers



Ellen Firth is a 19-year-old farmer and florist who, from her small 8-acre spot of land in Denbighshire, hosts in-person floristry classes with the aim of educating her community not only of the benefits of British grown flowers, but also the endless therapeutic benefits of flowers for mental wellbeing.

Ellen, who specialises in growing chemical free, ethical flowers, was diagnosed with autism in 2017 and uses floristry as a form of therapy. When Ellen isn’t caring for her flock or tending to flower beds, she is working with hospitals and universities to raise awareness about autism and support with key research. Having been diagnosed later in childhood, Ellen believes her insight and experience can help young people receive a diagnosis earlier and access the support they need.


3. GM Notebooks



Among our youngest entrepreneurs is 17-year-old Gwilym Hughes, who has just released the UK’s first Welsh-language worry diary. The after-school entrepreneur from Cardiff has been designing and selling bilingual travel-inspired notebooks and worry diaries on his Amazon sub-site, GM Notebooks, since 2021, but was inspired to create his own range of bilingual worry diaries after his younger sister began struggling with anxiety while at school. . Gwilym is a very inspiring young entrepreneur who, alongside running a business, is currently studying A Levels.



4. Danielle Baron



Danielle Baron, a leader in education and women’s empowerment, is dedicated to mental wellness and well-being. As a neurodiversity pre-assessment learning consultant, she connects educational institutions with parents, ensuring a balanced focus on children’s mental, physical, and educational development.

Her coaching company, ‘UN BS YOURSELF’, empowers women to build mental resilience and self-belief.

Additionally, her venture DIVEINC offers advisory services in diversity, fairness, and inclusion across various sectors, emphasising mental wellness. Danielle’s impactful work has garnered several awards in 2023, including ‘Inspirational Woman of the Year’ SME Surrey Gold Award for Innovation, SME Surrey overall award and Gold National Award.

Starting her career in education as a teacher and assistant headteacher, Danielle saw the need for better pastoral care and mental wellness support, leading to her founding an education and coaching start-up. She created Belief Imprinting®, combining NLP, CBT, and counselling, to enhance children’s mental resilience, significantly improving their exam preparations and life skills. Her efforts in addressing mental health challenges like anxiety and neurodiversity, coupled with parental coaching, have profoundly impacted many lives and allow for optimum development.


5. Journey



Journey is a sophisticated AI-driven match-making platform between clients and practitioners. It advertises therapists and coaches from all over the world and emphasizes on the compatibility factor of match-making. In fact, the essence of effective inner work lies in the connection between a client and their therapist/coach. Unfortunately, many clients go through a trial-and-error process before finding the right practitioner, leading to financial, emotional, and interest depletion. Journey resolves the prevalent issue of relationship mismatch by deploying an AI algorithm tailored to match clients with practitioners based on nuanced compatibility factors, moving beyond traditional filtered-base matching systems Journey will offer practitioners the choice of subscription plans without taking any commission from sessions, ensuring the focus remains on advertising practitioners and reducing barriers of entry for clients.

Our founder, Dr Nicole Nasr, believes in normalizing the inner journey and aims to cultivate a trend in healing and personal growth, transforming it into a widely accepted and sought-after practice. She believes that Journey is not only here to start a conversation and remove barriers of entry: Journey is also here to start a revolution. A revolution that encompasses a change in the way we live our lives, a revolution that brings forward conscious-living and a revolution that understands that financial, social, physical, mental and spiritual health are all part of the human experience and we need to navigate each properly.