5 Startups In Togo To Watch

Togo, a small and vibrant West African country is quick becoming a breeding ground for new startups.

From online platforms to sustainable businesses, Togolese entrepreneurs are certainly making their mark on the tech world.

Here are 5 startups to watch in Togo that are driving change both locally and globally.


1. Yatoo: SuperApp




Yatoo is a superapp that allows people in Togo to do everything in one place; from ordering groceries to online orders and ride-hailing.

The company is both user-friendly and available 24/7, making it the perfect partner in convenience.


2. AquaRoots: Sustainable Agriculture




AquaRoots focuses on sustainable aquaponics farming.

Combining food farming with hydroponics, the company is able to ensure farmers do not waste water but are still able to improve their yield.

AquaRoots not only helps create better sustainability but also helps local communities access more fresh, organic produce and reduce food insecurity.



3. Togo Cargo: Logistic and Delivery Services


Togo Cargo, Fret aérien, Fret Maritime, Logistique, Aménagement,  Déménagement


Togo Cargo is making waves in the logistics sector with its delivery services.

Offering shipping solutions by air, ship, road and rail, Togo Cargo makes sure businesses can have timely and reliable delivery of goods. Their platform allows businesses and individuals to track shipments and manage their deliveries from start to finish.


4. Baobab Baby: Nutritious Baby Food



Koffi Nomedji - Co-Founder - Hateka | LinkedIn


Baobab Baby produces organic baby formula made from locally sourced food.

Through partnerships with local farmers, the company is able to buy directly from them, cutting out the middle man. Then, the crop is made into formula for babies, delivered at a more affordable cost. Not only is this good for children, but it’s helping local farmers generate extra income from their most nutritious crops.


5. Maplenou: eCommerce App


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Maplenou is an ecommerce app designed to help people buy products online quickly. The app has a range of items from food to tech and more.

Through the app, Togolese people are able to more easily access and order these items daily.