5 Weather Apps to Help You Track Storm Babet

In the wake of Storm Babet’s onslaught across Northern Europe, staying informed and prepared is important.

Here at TechRound, we’ve put together a list of  weather apps to help you stay safe in the storm.

Let’s jump in…


1. Storm Tracker: Your Personal Storm Navigator


Storm Tracker° on the App Store


Designed specifically for tracking storms, Storm Tracker provides real-time updates on storm paths and intensities.

With precise forecasts tailored to storm conditions, this app equips you with vital information about Storm Babet’s trajectory. Stay ahead of the storm’s movement, receive timely notifications, and plan your actions accordingly to stay safe.


2. Windy: Harnessing the Power of Wind Visualisation


Windy.app – Live wind map & weather forecast

Windy specialises in wind and weather forecasting, offering comprehensive data on wind patterns, precipitation, and atmospheric pressure.

This app provides detailed wind maps, allowing you to visualise Storm Babet’s gusts with unparalleled accuracy. Windy’s interactive app empowers you to monitor the storm’s progress in real-time, enabling you to make well-informed decisions based on the storm’s evolving conditions.



3. AccuWeather: Minute-by-Minute Precision


AccuWeather: Weather Alerts on the App Store


A household name, AccuWeather offers minute-by-minute updates tailored to your specific location. With real-time radar and weather maps, AccuWeather helps you track Storm Babet’s movements accurately.

Stay informed with severe weather alerts, enabling you to take necessary precautions well in advance and navigate through the storm’s challenges with confidence.


4. The Weather Channel: Unmatched Accuracy 


The Weather Channel:Amazon.com:Appstore for Android


The Weather Channel app provides in-depth weather data and forecasts, ensuring you are well-prepared for Storm Babet’s impact.

With interactive radar maps and storm tracking features, you can monitor the storm’s path and intensity effortlessly. Receive push notifications for sudden weather changes, keeping you updated and enabling you to adapt your plans according to the evolving conditions.


5. MyRadar: Simple Yet Precise


MyRadar Weather Radar - Apps on Google Play


MyRadar offers a user-friendly interface coupled with powerful storm tracking capabilities. Its interactive radar maps allow you to visualise Storm Babet’s movement across Northern Europe.

MyRadar’s high-resolution satellite imagery provides a comprehensive view of the storm, enabling you to gauge its scale and intensity accurately.

In conclusion, Storm Tracker and Windy, alongside AccuWeather, The Weather Channel, and MyRadar, serve as useful tools during Storm Babet’s fury.

These apps not only provide real-time updates and precise forecasts but also empower you to make informed decisions, ensuring your safety. Stay vigilant, stay informed, and weather the storm with confidence using these essential weather apps.