6 Startups In Mozambique to Keep an Eye On

Mozambique, a country with beautiful beaches, diverse wildlife and tropical weather is also home to a growing number of startups.

Each of these companies is on a mission to challenge the status quo, both within the country and globally. From agriculture to tech, these companies are not only focused on financial growth, but also on socio-economic challenged.

Join us as we look at 6 startups in Mozambique that we think are making a difference:


1. IdeiaLab – Entrepreneurship and Innovation




IdeiaLab is a hub for entrepreneurship and innovation in Mozambique. Not technically a startup, it’s an incubator helping grow them.

Founded to build a culture of entrepreneurship in the country, IdeiaLab empowers startups to grow through incubation and acceleration programmes, linking them with investors and mentors.

Their programme is designed to boost local entrepreneurs and help develop of sustainable businesses that can drive real change.


2. SolarWorks! – Accessible Solar Energy


SolarWorks Malawi - Home


SolarWorks! is helping more people in Mozambique access affordable solar energy.

Through their pay-as-you-go system, this startup is helping provide rural households with solar tech that gives them a sustainable energy supply.

They also have larger systems, helping SMEs and farmers power shops and machinery, contributing to greener energy usage country-wide.


3. Chicoa Fish Farm – Sustainable Aquaculture



Chicoa Fish Farm is helping combat food scarcity in Mozambique through sustainable fish farming.

By using sustainable farming to produce top quality tilapia fish, the company is helping reduce over-fishing and boost production in a way that is good for the planet.



4. Biomec – Innovative Prosthetic Solutions






Biomec specialises in creating prosthetic devices using plastic collected from the sea.

Their company is helping improve the quality of life for amputees by providing affordable solutions that also help tackle the country’s plastic pollution issue.


5. Boleia – Ride-Sharing Platform






Boleia is changing how people travel across Mozambique.

Their digital platform connects drivers with people who need transport, allowing them to share trips in a more cost-effective way.

This not only helps share the cost of fuel, but is a great sustainability initiative for cutting carbon emissions on the road.


6. Quick ePay – Financial Inclusion



Quick ePay makes financial transactions easier and more accessible for Mozambicans.

Their payment platform allow people to pay for services and transfer money securely and quickly – whilst also allowing them to take payments and donations.

Particularly useful for people and SMEs, Quick ePay is helping make finance more accessible to people all over Mozambique.