6 Startups In Namibia To Watch

As we continue to explore the startup ecosystem of Africa, next up on the list is Namibia.

Known for its vast desert, beautiful wildlife and being a key player in the diamond trade, Namibia is also starting to emerge as a startup hub.

From sustainability to Fintech, Namibian startups are helping shape the future of the country.

Join us as we explore 6 startups that we think are worth watching (and learning from!) in Namibia.


1. Flushh – Making Sanitation More Accessible


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Flushh is tackling one of the biggest issues for rural communities in Namibia: sanitation.

They provide innovative, waterless and eco-friendly toilets, crafted from recycled materials.

Not only that, but they operate a zero-waste system, where toilet waste is transformed into biochar, used by farmers for agriculture.


2. Sage by Dee – Empowering Entrepreneurs


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Sage by Dee is on a mission to empower young entrepreneurs in Namibia. With many people in the country battling unemployment and the entrepreneurial sector just taking off, Sage by Dee is well positioned to educate young people to start their own companies.

Not only that, it also provides a network on entrepreneurs, helping people connect and boost each other’s businesses.


3. SwiftVee – AgriTech Market Tech




SwiftVee is a platform that connects livestock buyers and sellers through real-time auctions.

By helping farmers navigate the trading process online, SwiftVee ensures they reach a larger audience, get better prices and are able to sell more efficiently.


4. Kelp Blue – Sustainable Ocean Farming


Kelp blue


Kelp Blue is growing kelp on a large scale off the coast of Namibia. The company’s mission is to both provide a better ecosystem for animals and produce more kelp, which is an efficient carbon sink.

The company then sells the excess kelp to help industries produce key ingredients for agriculture, pharmaceuticals and textiles.

Through their work, Kelp Blue is creating a resource that is both useful and carbon negative.


5. PayPulse – Cardless Payment Technology




As a leader in Namibia’s fintech scene, PayPulse is helping people make cardless payments.

By giving them the option to link up to 3 debit or credit cards, as well as pay for goods, electricity and bills, the company is simplifying finance on a large scale.

PayPulse’s user-friendly system and secure payment tech makes it easier for people all over Namibia to access financial services.


6. Macquarie Medical – Making Medicine More Accessible


Dr MacQ - powered by Macquarie


Macquarie Medical is on a mission to improve access to quality, affordable healthcare across Namibia.

By helping tourists, remote workers and people in rural communities across the country access medical care wherever they are, Macquarie Medical is helping reshape Namibia’s healthcare landscape.