8 Startups Helping Businesses Operate More Sustainably

In a climate crisis, the UK has become a hub for startups that are redefining sustainability and helping people live more green.

From construction materials that capture carbon to fashion marketplaces promoting circular economies, let’s explore 8 startups helping people live more sustainably.


1. Concrete4Change


Concrete4Change | Net-Zero Circular Concrete Technology


Named the startup 100s top sustainability company, Concrete4Change is developing technology that can create net-zero concrete at a lower cost.

Currently, the construction industry creates huge amounts of CO2     through concrete production. C4C works by capturing this excess CO2 and mineralising it in concrete, allowing for greener construction.


2. Stop Waste


StopWaste Logos | StopWaste - Home, Work, School


Stop Waste is a waste management solution for businesses looking to improve their sustainability. Specifically, Stop Waste is able to recycle and treat technical and hazardous waste.

Not only that, the business also helps companies analyse and improve their waste management, without impacting profits.


3. Seabound


Ocean Career: Robotics and Controls Engineer at Seabound ...


Seabound is a company that builds carbon capture technologies for ships.

As shipowners face increased pressure to reduce emissions, the current systems in place just aren’t advanced enough to help them achieve this.

Seabound helps by fitting bespoke technology to ships, capturing CO2 and then offloading and recycling it.

This company is redefining the shipping industry, helping keep our carbon down and make shipping more sustainable.


4. Toraphene


Toraphene – High Performance Sustainable Packaging


Toraphene is a newly invented material that is both compostable and biobased, designed to be a more sustainable packaging alternative.

Able to be used by businesses instead of traditional plastic, the material is a great way to cut down on non-recyclable waste.



5. Clean Planet Energy


Clean Planet Energy Partners With Crossroads Real Estate for ...


Clean Planet Energy is revolutionising the recycling industry by converting non-recyclable waste plastic into fuel.

The company operates on the principle that waste management is the solution to our growing plastic pollution problem. Through creating circular plastics and low carbon fuels, businesses can operate more sustainably long-term.


6. Ripple Energy


Ripple Energy :: Behance


Ripple Energy is an energy-tech start up on a mission to democratise wind farms by making fractional ownership more accessible.

The company aims to help people own their own source of clean energy, without the incredibly high costs and admin associated with it. Not only that, they facilitate the sale of energy to a home’s supplier, allowing them to access it through the grid.


7. Loowatt


GSMA | Loowatt | Mobile for Development


Loowatt is on a mission to make hospitality events more eco-friendly with their non-water flush toilets.

The machines work by using a liner inside the bowl, which seals to capture human waste, leaving a clean bowl with no excess water waste.

The waste is then processed and used for a number of projects including energy and fertilisation, creating a full circular economy.


8. The Magical Mushroom Company


Magical Mushroom Company - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding


The Magical Mushroom Company has used the power of mushrooms to create a new, eco-friendly packaging material.

The company uses mycelium to make a material that is both durable and bio-degradable, allowing them to create packaging on an industrial scale.