A Conversation With James Mercer – Founder Of Upcoming, Voice-First Social Media App tayp

James Mercer, founder of tayp, and Alix Blankson, CMO, recently judged the Techround 100 and BAME 50 competitions. After the judging, I took the opportunity to learn more about tayp and what the team is excited about moving forward. I sat down with James and asked him some questions about tayp and why they’re excited about the tech space in Ghana.

How Did You Come Up With The Idea For tayp?

Working in social media, I noticed the effects it was having on people (low mental health and self-esteem, the obsession over having the ‘next best thing,’ and it being more of a popularity contest than a means of connecting), so I started considering the ways I could solve them. The answer was to create a new social platform. tayp came about because I noticed how much I enjoyed a day of sending and receiving voicenotes in a WhatsApp group…

How Has tayp Evolved Over The Last Couple Of Years?

tayp has gone from an idea to a reality. It now has a leadership team and full-time staff. There is also a minimum viable product that demonstrates the app’s functionality.

What Can We Hope To See From tayp In The Future?

Voice recognition will be a key part of tayp’s future, alongside key accessibility features and functions. This, and presence in several countries across Africa, in the UK and beyond.

What Makes tayp Different?

You feel a lot more emotion from a person when they call you instead of text you, so we’ve brought this into the wider social space. tayp, having a time limit on voice notes, makes content easier to digest, ensuring people are heard. It creates a relay of ideas and experiences, instead of people shouting into the void all at once.

On the company side of things – many social apps have been built in the US and UK. We are an African team with a full-time Ghanaian staff base – our mission is to put Ghana on the map for tech!

James and Alix at the Tech In Ghana Conference.

Why Should People Use It Over Other Apps?

It’s great if you’re like me and you’ve ever felt burnt out or put off from using social media! tayp focuses on what someone’s about so you can still tune into the social space, hear what’s going on with people around the world etc., but feel none of the pressure to keep up appearances.

How Can People Start Using tayp?

Join the waitlist at tayp.app to get first access when we launch. LinkedIn is where we’re really active about team experiences and app building.