Business Profile: Acopia

  • The company was formed in 1976
  • Acopia is an amalgamation of Surrey Wholesale with Brightstyle and Dunsdale
  • A family-run business that strives for excellence


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About Acopia

Since 1976 when Surrey Wholesale was formed as a family business, the company now known as Acopia has been working hard to produce industrial and retail packaging that offers the best solution at the most competitive price.

In later years, Surrey Wholesale merged with Brightside and Dunsdale to become Acopia. However, the family-run ethos remains, and the firm works with local and global companies to produce the best range of packaging products.

One of the strengths of the company is its highly mobile workforce based out of Bognor Regis. This location also includes the company’s logistics base with 50,000 square feet of space.


How Does It Work?

Acopia has a clean-looking and easy-to-navigate website, consisting of ‘zones’ dedicated to various aspects of the business’s specialism. These include:

  • The Warehouse, for would-be customers seeking warehouse packaging products
  • The Shop Floor, which offers advice and resources in relation to customer service, training, and eco-friendly product swaps
  • The Cleaning Cupboard, a source of cleaning equipment and washroom supplies
  • The Kitchen, where visitors will find a guide to best practice in the workplace, dining areas or commercial catering
  • The Office, to help prospective customers get the best out of their office environment

Visitors to the Acopia website will also find a blog providing invaluable angles on such important subjects as the Plastic Packaging Tax (PPT) and how firms can work towards carbon neutrality. It is also in this part of the site that case studies can be found, documenting the wide range of clients and sectors that Acopia has worked alongside.



The Company’s Product Range

Acopia produces a range of products for many organisations and businesses, including the NHS and IKEA. These products are all designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible while still being high-quality and reliable.

Boxes and cartons are manufactured to help clients send their products safely and securely. These products include die-cut cartons, polyprop tape, document wallets, and more.

Protection wrapping and strapping are used to internally protect fragile products and ensure their safe delivery. These products include bubble wrap, jiffy foam, lay-flat tubing, tissue paper, cellophane, and corrugated rolls.

For ecommerce companies, there is a wide range of postal packaging available from Acopia that can help get customers’ purchases from door to door safely. These include document wallets, padded mailing bags, paper sacks, postal boxes, and tubes.

For physical stores, Acopia produces a range of displays and other items. Included among these are acrylic displays, mannequins, pricing displays, ribbon and wrap, till supplies and tissue paper.


Core Values

Acopia is a business that has always striven for excellence while building on a solid foundation of ethics and transparency. The company has several core values that it works towards when doing business on a day-to-day basis:

  • Wake up learning
  • Time is money, minutes count
  • Service beyond expectation
  • All in it to win it
  • Our word is our bond
  • Happy customers every day


Social Impact

Acopia has always felt the responsibility to do all it can to support charities both big and small. To this end, it works closely with The Grace Trust along with many other charities to help those who need it most.

The Grace Trust is a grant-making charity that offers grants to a number of charities. They have a vetting process to ensure all the money goes to good causes and is used wisely.

However, Acopia is not merely committed to successful charitable operations, as it also understands the global environmental impact of manufacturing. Because of this, Acopia has made a number of changes to its energy consumption and how it operates to move towards carbon neutrality.

  • The company has installed solar panels to try and offset the use of fossil fuels. Since the implementation of solar energy, the company has produced 33,500 kW of electricity.
  • Eliminating wasted mile journeys ensures that fuel and other carbon emissions are reduced as much as possible.
  • Reducing plastic consumption by 40% ensures that less plastic goes to landfills or pollutes the oceans.
  • The company is supporting the switch to sustainable product alternatives to reduce waste and increase recycling.


My Acopia

Acopia has an online portal for ordering and budget management. This online system helps companies order what they need and get it delivered in a timely manner. It also helps to speed up the ordering process and negates the need for faxing or emails about orders. This helps to cut costs and save time for all parties involved.