39. Emma Ridderstad, Co-Founder & CEO of Warpin

Company: Warpin

Website: https://www.warpinmedia.com/


About Emma & Warpin

Founded in 2017, Warpin is a Stockholm-headquartered startup that provides innovative brands, including H&M, Disney and Ferrari, with a one-stop-shop for immersive technology. A world-leading expert in virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and extended reality (XR), there are two uniquely different components to Warpin’s technological offering – VR employee training, and AR brand campaign consultancy.

Warpin is a leading player in the worlds of VR and AR, creating consulting projects, and designs and develops experiences and products based on clients’ needs. With a team of 15 heading up these operations, Warpin Media AB provides a licensed platform for training in XR, and helps its clients create adapted employee learning content that is scalable and efficient both in terms of results and costs.

As we enter a new era of technology, Co-founder and CEO of Warpin Emma Ridderstad recognises the challenges within her sector and believes that there is a responsibility to educate people on how to use it in a sustainable and inclusive way that helps humanity progress. By developing employee learning content that is both cost-effective and scalable, Emma has created solutions that help businesses lead the industry in digital innovation by finding solutions for issues like sustainability and inclusion. She is committed to teaching people about the benefits of these solutions, and as one of a proportionally small number of female leaders in AR and VR, is eager to place more women in immersive technology to help balance out lingering social inequalities in the space.

Warpin’s is to focus on its developed SAAS Xelevate platform this year, which allows companies to launch customisable VR training courses for their employees, regardless of where they are based. Warpin also works with brands to consult on unique AR-powered marketing campaigns. By layering technology onto real-life experiences, consumers are able to engage with products like never before, from AR window displays to simulated user experiences.


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